The Flash TV Series Thread


Getting to know the villains before they become who they are is a major selling point of the show. The biggest mistake it’s done is have those characters become their villainous personas.


Even if they didn’t, some of them didn’t need to be there.

Penguin? Sure, makes complete sense. Riddler? Yeah, definite get behind, meshes with on and off again story arc in the comics. And like I said before, unlike most, I don’t mind Young Selina being more connected with Bruce. If nothing else it helps plant the seed of Batman taking it easy on Catwoman even when she’s not riding the side of good. And of course Maroni and Falcone are fine since they would be established at this point in time anyway (well, Falcone at least).

But they just didn’t care and wanted an excuse to make a Batman TV show while skating around the Film Studios.


Gotham sucks :coffee:


I was about this show for a while, but once they started to focus on a young Bruce Wayne I was done. I still need to see the rest of the villains season, but I don’t have any hope that the writers handled it without always resorting to Batman.

What drew me to this show was that the creators explicitly stated this was not about Bruce Wayne. Slowly and surely, it became just that. With the cast of characters and actors available, I don’t know why they feel the need to focus on a kid who isn’t really interesting in the slightest.


Because again, they ultimately just wanted to get to do a Batman TV show without the Movie Execs coming down on them. They never really cared about the “Jim Gordon’s Rise” premise, they just used it as their coverup.


Let’s hope we get to see Iris in a skimpy costume this season.


I didn’t watch the last season, there were too many shows to watch and Gotham was at the bottom of my list.

Agreed the best episodes for me were whenever it focused on the mob. The eccentric villains have their place but they just didn’t do anything for me. I remember really enjoying season2 though, it got a more violent and the stakes felt a lot higher.


More comic book TV shit to not care about…


What? Earth-X Flash is a Reverse Flash?


What did Barry do this time? :coffee:

Earth-X? The Ray animated series is going to matter afterall.


Earth-X as in Earth 10?


It begins tomorrow…


SRK about to enjoy the little amount of Non-Barry The Flash as possible.


Old timers Barry!


Caitlyn looking mighty fine…


Samurai looking like Ryu’s Halloween DLC.


Damnit what did I miss?


Barry’s back, he’s Speed Force Jesus, Caitlin is pulling a Jekyll and Hyde act, and new big bad is either the Thinker or T.O. Morrow… leaning towards the Thinker


WTF was up with Wally’s hair. He looked like the lost member of The Five Heartbeats…


He came out as bisexual several months ago and is being himself as he put it.