The Flash TV Series Thread


His sexual orientation has nothing to do with having a fucked up hairstyle.


I’m just gonna say it. The Flash has done everything possible to make Wally completely irrelevant. I mean…what the hell is the point of him on the show right now? Before becoming Kid Flash he was either whiny or entitled, and afterwards he’s just…there half the time, being nothing more than a sidekick or showing that “there’s no replacing the original”.

Honestly, LoT brings up a decent idea albeit unintentionally. Have him join the Legends of Tomorrow where he can fill his own niche a hell of a lot better than in The Flash.


Barry’s new suit is looking CLEAN AF!


return of the lame shitty overrated show! yaay! (other than season 1)


Okay first off, if you hate it that much, why bother posting?

Secondly, everyone shat on Season 3, but obviously you didn’t bother to pay attention to that part.


Yeah they need a speedster anyway. Could add more to the shenanigans of the show. Already now Wally isn’t even as fast as Flash anymore lol


DC in general hates Wally.


To be fair Barry Allen is the definitive flash.


I don’t like this Wally because it always seems like he’s emotionally constipated.


ok, finally got caught up… good to see my honey Caitlin looking tasty as usual…
I’m not sure who the 1-eyed oddball at the bar is, but it was good to see her put that chump in his place for a minute.

*BRUH… imagine how goddamn powerful the reunion sex with Iris was that night. Sheeeeeeit :wow:

Yeah, Wally would be a perfect fit for Legends…though that could be overkill if they don’t plan on bringing back Eobard or another speedster villain over there yet again (*I forgot how they beat him last season but I remember some awesome shit went down, with him assembling an army of himself from various points on the timeline! Shit was crazy)


Because I’m still a fan of DC stuff and want this show to succeed and be as good as it was in the first Season. Season 2 was lame, Season 3 was a bit better… but still not great. The first episode pissed me off with its lameness and I’m here to express that. That’s why I’m posting… in case its not obvious



I enjoyed Season 2 mostly… it just had some annoying issues and moments of stupidity… like stalling when you have a trapped, momentarily stunned Zoom…that was just silly. I enjoyed the rest of it; especially the final showdown. Season 3 was noticeably worse, imo…but even at its weakest points, this is still one of the better superhero shows on tv.

It’s kind of easy comp though since most of the time when there’s a superhero show on tv…it tends to be crap.

Season 1 of this show was on fire like a muthafucka though… nothing else can really fuck with it, imo.


I have flashbacks of watching Spider-Man 3 when I hear people talking about Season 3. I’m 50/50 with resuming my binge of the series from the mid-second season.


Yeah I feel like the show has been slowly going downhill since S1 (Gets flashbacks to the shapeshifter episode and how Barry stood and watched as they walked around a pillar, transformed, and ran away as he did nothing). S2 wasn’t terrible, but Wally annoyed the hell out of me.

Reverse Flash>Zoom>>>>>>>>>Savitar


I read through ign’s comments section still complaining about Wally being black lol! Wally is a stale background character, is about the same age as Barry, and lacks any real personality of his comic book and animated counterparts, but you’re still on his race?! Lmao get the fuck outta here with that stupid shit.


I got over the whole black iris and wally thing (mostly because of Detective Wests acting). But wally needs to piss off to earth 3 and get some quick pus. Guy doesnt need to be on the show.

Also is Wells 4.0 coming to this show or what?


Iris being Barry’s anchor was taken to ridiculous extremes. Iris’s love completely cured Barry of his dementia? What a load of shit.


I already think it started off stupid. I hate the actor for Wally but goddamn, can the dude get some time to shine? They couldn’t go 8 minutes without a “We need Barry back” moment. Why not build up the season for it instead of dropping him back in and fixing how he is in one episode?

If I were the actor for Wally West I’d just quit. He’s nothing more than a plot device at this point.


I was thinking they’d have Barry be trapped in something Speedforce related for about half the season with Wally having to progress/get fast enough to break him out of it.


Barry just checked his phone…