The Flash TV Series Thread


Judging by the way those bed sheets are someone got some!



its a plot device stolen from wally’s run. When wally gets lost in time, linda is his anchor. Because their love is so strong that it apparently defies interdimensional space and time travel lol. Literally the only thing that fucked it up was this future flash trying to get in her pants and fuckin wit her head. Wally gets lost as fuck at that point and when he finally comes home…his girl is frozen in ice and future flash is all…“i fucked up badly wally”


you know the wally actor aint gonna leave. Hollywoods a tough game for us black folk. You know dat homie aint getting a better gig than that unless he get his dk sucked or ass raped by Weinstien


I was watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine and it hit me, the writers over there have done more with their season finale cliffhangers than the Flash has. Like a half-hour comedy has done more with it’s material than an hour-long action drama. Damn… :angry:

It really would’ve been nice for things to stay Barry-less for an episode or two. Let Wally and Cisco develop their teamwork for someone strong later-on to come along and ruin it. Or let Barry stay in crazy mode for a little bit, but they rushed it all like crazy. Wally (in Barry’s costume) fought the Samurai bot straight up with no real strategy in sight, and Cisco just sat shit out after the first encounter. They literally put no effort into fighting the second time, and in third encounter they didn’t even get another chance, Iris just said “fuck it” and used herself as bait to get Barry to snap out of it.

It was terrible. Barry taught Wally almost every speedster trick in the book, and he’s still just running and punching fast. That’s not saying much since the show doesn’t have the special effects budget or smarts to show them fighting in super speed.


Hold up hold up. Was that Brainiac at the end of episode 1?!?!?!?!!?


The Thinker


so a friend of mine through martial arts flippy stuff. he works on the flash show and threw a pre-viz up of episode 1.


Should have been Brainiac


So… youd rather a Superman villain who has nothing to do with Barry Allen/Flash and no interest in him instead of an actual flash villain?


Well remember that the Superman/Supergirl universe sorta does existing the CW/DC Universe


Supergirl is on it’s own Earth. If Brainiac shows up it will be on her show not Barry’s.


Oh my goodness Iris in that short robe…goddamnnnnnn :sweat: yeah this episode has already started off correctly with something gorgeous.

ohhhh and now there’s my vanilla honey Caitlin in some shorts…AND Gypsy! yes yeassssss… the girls on this show, lawd have mercy :wow:


And just like that Iris is back to season 1 form. :lol:


I’m conflicted…This indian chick seems like a huge asshole. Why not let her die?


Yeah she didn’t endear herself at all. She was like “Yep, I stole your shit and got rich. What the fuck you gonna do nigga?!”




Yo this guy’s room has way too many lens flares.


Gypsy > Caitlin!


It looks like your key was broken. I fixed your post.