The Flash TV Series Thread


So what are we playing the guessing game with now? Can you guess who, is the mystery~?


ominous warden face lol


Terrible episode. Wtf was Wally doing while Barry was getting controlled by that fat guy??? Then after he gets defeated you see Wally on the ground?? Have I missed something?


Barry while being controlled by the fat guy knocked out Wally.


Okay, I wasn’t going to talk about it but Wally’s hair is fucking with me. :rofl:



What the fuck was he thinking with that shit?


Wally quaffed the hell out of his hair! :rofl:


So another episode where Wally is useless. Shocker.

And an episode dominated by relationship drama…

So far, I think a poor start to the season that has done very little to assuage the fears of last one.


haha that priest was absolutely checking out Iris’ glorious cleavage just a minute ago.

Also on this episode… adorable new prime white meatttt :sweat: She’d get ravaged all day.


Joe’s gun still has a full clip lol!


Man that was one sorry bird.

Even the Thinker wanted to keep Hazard at arms length.

Poor Joe. He thought he was done changing diapers :lol:


How many L’s has Wally scooped up so far?


“subjects myspace page”…what??

lmfaooo breakup cube…need that. fund it


Well, Wally is off the show (for the time being) and it’s probably the best thing that could happen for the character and the show itself. They’re pretty much resetting the board as much as possible, no teamups, no other Speedsters, just Barry doing his own thing. Season 1 was the show’s best, makes sense to go back to that as much as possible while still keeping things fresh. Bringing back Harry, also a good idea, show just isn’t the same without a Wells.

I’ll be honest, I thought I would hate Hazard but she turned out to be a great Villain of the Week. That little origin story at the beginning really helped out showing why she would give no fucks with the rest of the world getting blown up in her wake of good luck. Hard not to feel for her. She also completely punked Barry and really sold why Thinker thought it was best to keep distance rather than immediately bring her into the fold. Bitch is immensely dangerous, if she harnesses that ability she’ll make Savitar look like a chihuahua.


I can’t believe that Sugar from YTV is now this hot man. Like my childhood lol


Damn Gypsy


Oy veyyyyy again with the exposing your secret identity crap… superheroes really need to stop doing that shit, man. It’s something that annoyed me about the older Spiderman movies…dude just kept onnnnnn taking the mask off in front of various people.

*sidenote-- super-stretching like Mr. Fantastic… I’ve always seen this as one of the dumb superpowers. It’s good for some perverted applications and some petty theft here and there, but it’s not a cool one like speedforce-caliber speed, Xavier-level psychic power, invulnerability/immortality, Ginyu body-swap, Vixen’s animal-mimicry, etc.


It’s a goofy looking, but it’s an effective power. He tanked a bullet like it was nothing.


fun episode! 8/10!


The entire tone of the episode would shift whenever Ralph was on screen. It was a bit jarring. It was cool seeing him. I got a good laugh with him turning down the Plastic Man name.