The Flash TV Series Thread


Eh…again, idk how I’m feeling about the season. Feels like it’s coming up short. I get they want to throw everything back to the happy days of Season 1…but they’re going TOO far in that direction. Honestly, the “lighthearted romp” is the niche where LoT is at, Flash doesn’t really need to be there anymore. It’s something that should be between LoT and Arrow.

Also, for as absurdly great as Flash has been on Special Effects considering their budget, Dibny is one of the few times that you remember that it’s just a simple TV show, those effects were just bad. If they’re really gonna make him a recurring character, they need to fix that shit and quick.


soooo we’re just gonna quietly improve his vibrating and auto flash skills? like no ones gonna mention that on the show? secret level ups and everyone acts like its normal? almost feel like theirs an episode missing to discuss that shit.

also warned you niggas 2 years ago…he gonna be revealing his identity to everyooooneee.


Hell he’s drunk and telling anyone who’s listening that he’s The Flash right now.


What were they thinking while writing this episode lol


Looks like it’s the end for evil Killer Frost… not good, I liked her.


Loved the incredible hulk reference. Along with the Bruce Wayne comment in Arrow.


Cecil’s daughter was full of shit. Go empower females by shaking that ass!


This episode sucked, not much more to say about it. Which is too bad as Iris/Caitlyn/Cecile/Felicity having to handle shit on their own could’ve been immensely compelling.


but my feminism…


Feminism episode. Ugh. They can’t all be winners, but still fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!


This show is becoming more and more trash. To think, season 1 was so good.


Yeah, if this season doesn’t recover, I think I’m just gonna consider it unsalvageable, at least with the staff they have now. Back to shitty villain of the weeks, Team Flash is consistently acting like morons, terrible plots.

I’ll at least wait it out until the Thinker actually gets to do something legitimate. Honestly, the Arrowverse’s backbone has always been around its villains, not the heroes. Now they can’t completely save bad seasons (Damien Darhk, as fantastic as he was, couldn’t salvage the shitty Arrow season he was in), but across every single series, it’s at its best when built around a compelling villain. It’s no coincidence that the Flash has suffered without a compelling villain since Wells RF bit the dust.


Crisis on Earth X trailer…


It is funny, how everything is oretty much Barry’s fault.

He has

Well, at least they pulled quotes from the 2nd best Indiana Jones flick.

Lelz at shows still doing the horizontal heroes montage-walk.

It was lame as all fuck back when Armageddon did it, and it is even lamer now.

…because Affleck and crew didn’t have submachine guns pointed at THEM.



episodes have been unfortunately goofy this season (*perhaps this is an attempt to go far away from how dark last season was…?)… but there’s some quality hotness going on this season…

Mrs. Devo - niiiiiiice. Bonus points for that lovely accent.

That Native American girl from last week or so = :wow: hot as hell…such a shame she couldn’t be a regular.


Man, what the hell? I’ve started skipping through episodes because the season isn’t holding me, so tell me if I’ve got something wrong.

The entire episode the team was against Barry thinking he was going crazy about Devoe, but at the very end all it took for them to 100% flip on his side was for Barry to say Devoe knew he was The Flash. Wouldn’t the logical step be “Hey, Barry’s fucking lying.”?

Also, Wally came back. Why? He didn’t do shit when he was here, when he left nothing changed, and now he’s back. Am I supposed to be happy?


No, that wouldnt be the next logical step you idiot. Barry had zero evidence he was the devoe they were looking for out of thousands. The previous episode they narrowed it down to him by psychological profile, then they get to his house and hes a crippled. Them being use to metas who well, arent crippled, and confidently/outwardly display their powers almost immediately, they backed off while barry went with his spidey sense.

So when he comes back like i met him again, and um, he knows im the flash, thats all they needed to know, since he was the closest match in the first place. It would make zero sense to be like, oh barry, youre risking jail time and your career just to lie to us. Especially considering he didnt lie in the first place to them. He just didnt have evidence, and was trying to drag them along based on his intuition. He didnt be like, oh devoe is a meta, i saw him use his powers. lol

Fucking generation of retards. lol. Hey guys, ive just watched random episodes out of order most likely, and half ass paying attention. Here is my opinion on things already answered, or should by most standards be questions someone would obviously think are too stupid to ask. No one gives a shit that wallys back, welcome to everyones opinion on wally.


The above has been a Jimmy1200 production.


Would read again.


Wait, that still makes no sense. On their side of the situation literally nothing changed. Barry just appeared the next day and said that. If he had something for them to listen to then that would make sense, but he only had his word, which they’d been not listening to the entire episode. The next logical step is evidence, which he didn’t have.


I pretty much dropped flash and haven’t seen the last 2 episodes. This is worse than Arrow season 4 or wtvr


I think this episode actually is worth seeing, because like I said two weeks ago, the Arrowverse can only be truly good around compelling villains and Devoe is turning into possibly the best villain The Flash has had. Even beyond Thawne Wells if only because Barry can’t win simply by “getting faster”. The amount of menace he oozes just by speaking in his wheelchair is insane.

As for everyone believing Barry right away, I agree that it was a bit hokey since he had already lied once. If he hadn’t, it’s definitely reasonable to go “No evidence, but I doubt he’d lie about this” but he lied about evidence previously. But I guess since it’d be insanely easy to just check to see if Devoe actually said what he said, it’s fine to believe him on that point. Either way, it’s for the best that the villain reveal is already out of the way. Now the rest of the season can go to how to take down a man that can out think them at every juncture AND can’t actually be arrested since really…he hasn’t done anything wrong outside of the Samuroid that they can’t connect to him.

This MAY end up saving the season for the Flash, but they have to keep driving that plot forward. Every episode they take on another villain of the week (and we’re still due EIGHT MORE) is just another nail in the coffin.