The Flash TV Series Thread


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The 2 part crossover starting this Monday on the CW will be 10 times better than the Justice League movie. Don’t know if the WB television side is trolling the WB big screen side or vice versa. Anyway, the CW TV side of things even blows Marvel movies out of the water!!!

Looks like one of The Vampire Diary chicks is on Supergirl. Was she the one that was Quetsya or something…


UGH…That scene just launched a new wave of Captain Cold yaoi fanfics and art!!!

But based Cold is back!!
I still want end boss:

Overman = Nazi Superman


Holy FK, WellsoBard styled on Clark in the future!!



Yes, season 1 flash Harrison Wells The Reverse Flash is the best!

Also, is this the Earth 1 The Reverse Flash? I mean he knows everything that happened.

The CW should have had another Zoom/Hunter Zolomon with the blue lightning fight against Earth-X super villians. Then we would have finally seen the epic battle between Zoom and The Reverse Flash!!! This 3 or 4 episode Crisis on Earth-X is hands down better than most Marvel movies and better than all of the DC movies combined. Justice League can’t hold a candle to Crisis on Earth-X!!!


That Beelzebub ornym is a grand, grand thing, and I wish that I had thought it up.


Reverse Flash’s scenes are always so good.


Thawne got erased from existence twice. How the fuck does he keep coming back?




Hey, there’s hope after all.


Is he the one who made flash suck?


Better than JL movie!!!


Why do you post the same thing like 4 times



You forgot Damien Dahrk too. Surprised original Zoom from season 2 didn’t return as an Earth-X hero or something…


Yo, this man Devo!


He set Barry up like set a dominoes and knocked 'em down!


All I know is someone’s about to go black lol


^Your avi is the perfect face for the episode’s ending


I don’t understand it. Couldn’t Barry just vibrate through the floor, run to his family, and when the cops came for him say, “Guys, I haven’t been home all day”? Looks like a glaring ass plot hole.

Even if his fingerprints were on the knife, the cops wouldn’t be able to explain away the several witnesses he was with. Even if they are family and friends, they wouldn’t be dismissed. Another cop, a scientist, a PI, his wife, and a doctor. C’mon, son!


It’s a world of metahumans. Simply not being at the scene of the crime wouldn’t exonerate him, in fact it may end up outing him as the Flash (and still would do nothing for his alibi).


This is also The Thinker we’re talking about. Deuvo probably had a plan in mind for every action Barry would have taken. He would have wound up jailed anyway. Team Flash have had their strings pulled by him since episode 1 this season.


Just got caught up on this new season. That was probably the greatest setup I’ve seen.