The Flash TV Series Thread


Sheeeeit, the show is back of course…
They seriously have to get a better costume for Elongiated/Plastic Man there… I know he’s a goofy element of the show but that shit is terrible. There’s little kids out there that have come up with better superhero costumes for themselves.

Looks like Barry is constantly on the verge of being “tested” in prison… brings up an interesting problem—I am not sure how he would be able to defend himself without giving away that he happens to be superhuman…one simple super-speed dodge and everyone would know he’s one of those metahumans.

My girls Caitlin and Iris continue to look ridiculously tasty as usual. :sweat:


Fucking Goldberg!




Goldberg is an inmate in the prison with Barry. Barry’s dad helped him back when he was locked up.


It’s really starting to peak my interest, never knew it was about alternate dimensions.


Devo (sp?) should go one on on with braniac 5 (supergirl).

Yup, CW poaching WWE talent (goldberg/cody)


So davou is doing all of this to experience lesbian sex first hand? WOW!


Flash has lost all its charm.


Flash is dead. Yeah I said it, the show is done. It’s not as horrifyingly bad as the worst seasons of Arrow, but I don’t think it’ll ever get back to Season 1 or 2 glory. It’s already burned through all the drama it could.


I think the current season is Arrow season 4 levels of bad. The trial episode a few weeks back is easily the worst fucking episode of the series. Where there at right now would have been the perfect time to develop Wally as his own Flash with Barry in jail but nope. He got written off and gave Ralph his spot. Thank God he’s moving to Legends.


The only reason I don’t think it’s as bad as that, is because it didn’t make every single character 100% unlikable.


Well thats a shame.


Guess I’m not missing much.
I only watched gifted and black lightning this season and loved both.


Still want Zoom (not Black Flash version of Zoom) to return. Would be epic…


anyone think the new girl davou actress is hella cute?

Also wouldnt write flash off just yet… but agreed the signs arent too good at the mo. Even harrison is getting boring now.


I can dig it lol


lol, if i were a girl for 1 day then I would be a slut…


Well he did get her power to “get lucky”.


5 week breaks suck!!!


I love this show, just bought season 1-3. When I seen Wentworth Miller in the Flash I was hype, but when I seen Dominic Purcell as his side kick that was just wild!!

I’m really enjoying the story of Barry Allen. I’ve already seen S02 so I know about Zoom but went back and am now watching from the start. It’s very good, production values are fantastic, and it has a tiny tiny tiny hint of Tokusatsu in there which is awesome.