The Flash TV Series Thread


Wentworth Miller & Dominic Purcell reference a prison break all the time…

We should see Earth X Zoom. Would be cool!!!


Coming back on February 27, 2018





It’s happening!!!

Zoom returning!!!

The comics even give him blue lighting like the TV series!!!

We need this in the CW show:


So, let’s see wht happen…




cheh, it just hit me… the baby from…that fine ass woman and Joe… y’know that baby probably WON’T make it. I just have a hunch about that…I don’t think they will go through with making Joe a “new Dad” there.

Opening scene from the show tonight— TOO awesome. Holy shit, man. This was Devoe’s “Darth Vader in the Hallway scene” moment.

*meanwhile, my baby Caitlin continues to look ever so wonderful and tasty.
…ohhhh the visual of her in those leggings just now… :flushed:
Sheeeeit, a quick overview of just how much of a gamebreaker this dude Devoe is:

  • Super-genius intellect; far beyond anyone else on the planet.
  • He can apparently control gravity.
  • He can “Breach”/teleport wherever he wants apparently
  • He can change the size of objects and living things.
  • He can mentally control apparently any technological device…like psychic “hacking”.
  • The amorphous, elastic physiology he got from Ralph Dibney, which grants the side effect of being able to morph so he looks like anyone.
  • General psychic manipulation powers. (*not quite sure if he’s Xavier-level or not with it though)
  • Almost forgot about this— he can also control luck and probability; a power he stole from that girl with the “Jinx” effect/power.


This dude is broken!!
Damn shame this season has been lackluster!!


Yeah, Supergirl is better than The Flash this season!!!


Everything is. Flash is by far the worst Arrowverse show now.


Oh and I forgot yet another little thing— the morphing body also means he can unlock any door, since he can simply turn his fingers into the perfect keys…and of course if it’s some mechanized or computerized locking mechanism, that’s handled by his ability to exert psychic control over all technology…and THAT’S if he doesn’t decide to just teleport past the damn door anyway…and if it’s a retinal or fingerprint scan…he could choose to morph into that person to unlock things that way.
Oh and THEN there’s the fact that bullets do nothing…because he can just bounce them off because of having the “elastic” body…he never has to worry about being shot by whoever shows up to stop him. haha this guy is ridiculous. I love it.
Sheeeeeit, I’d kill to have all of Devoe’s stolen powers… this guy is soooo OP.

*oh and if there is no limitation on gravity control… you could use that to destroy the planet and anything else relatively close to it by creating a point of infinite gravity… effectively creating the effects of a black hole right here on Earth. Of course the problem with that is it means you die too…but then again he could just teleport to another world after doing that.


Oh yeah… Remember at the end of Season 1 of The Flash? Wells Reverse Flash got scared when he saw the Flash helmet and said that that was his queue to get outta there…

Seems that Harrison Wells/The Reverse Flash from Season 1 does know who Zoom is/was…


The Flash was OP last night. We had some The Matrix Agent Smith scenarios!!!

Well, I guess like father like daughter… Doh! (Homer Simpson voice)


The last line of your post is on point. I was telling someone else the same thing. We are supposed to learn from our parents mistakes…


Season 5 trailer…


Who is the villain? Black Flash? Or is that Batman at the end!!!

Why The ‘Current’ Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash Is Alive - Explained

Eobard Thawne still exists… Earth X Thawne is Earth 1 Thawne in season 1

So when will Hunter & Thawne meet? Season 5???


The villain is Cicada…


I thought it was Charlie Nash… :smirk:


I thought it was The Rival at first


Thawne will be back…