The Flash TV Series Thread


This season will be good then


Rule 63’ed villain…


Not the first time. They did the same thing with Top.


damn I never even heard of this character so I had to look him up (*though admittedly I was not a fan of Flash back in the day; I had probably 2 or 3 Flash comics and that was it…it’s really just thanks to the animated Justice League and this CW show that I became a fan):

haha this character sounds lame, imo… at least the way he’s described here…he doesn’t even have his own powers… he kidnapped a dude that has powers to make fears real and used that against the city. Hopefully in the show they just give Spin the damn powers to use personally…at least I’d rather it be that way than a villain who is just some “regular” human that’s using another person’s powers.

As per usual, it’s CW so OF COURSE she’s smokin’ hot. This is why CW is great. :smile:


Mirror Master didn’t have powers but the show gave him powers. They’ll likely do the same with Spin.


If you remember, Crisis on Earth X had Wells The Reverse Flash. That is the same Reverse Flash from Earth 1 if you listen closely to the dialogue between him and The Flash. Also it is proven that The Reverse Flash knows about Zoom in this TV series!!!


The Flash’s new costume…