The Flash TV Series Thread


This season will be good then


Rule 63’ed villain…


Not the first time. They did the same thing with Top.


damn I never even heard of this character so I had to look him up (*though admittedly I was not a fan of Flash back in the day; I had probably 2 or 3 Flash comics and that was it…it’s really just thanks to the animated Justice League and this CW show that I became a fan):

haha this character sounds lame, imo… at least the way he’s described here…he doesn’t even have his own powers… he kidnapped a dude that has powers to make fears real and used that against the city. Hopefully in the show they just give Spin the damn powers to use personally…at least I’d rather it be that way than a villain who is just some “regular” human that’s using another person’s powers.

As per usual, it’s CW so OF COURSE she’s smokin’ hot. This is why CW is great. :smile:


Mirror Master didn’t have powers but the show gave him powers. They’ll likely do the same with Spin.


If you remember, Crisis on Earth X had Wells The Reverse Flash. That is the same Reverse Flash from Earth 1 if you listen closely to the dialogue between him and The Flash. Also it is proven that The Reverse Flash knows about Zoom in this TV series!!!


The Flash’s new costume…


If you don’t know this contortionist…here is a clip:


The family that runs together…


Can we get a green, blue, or a different color speedster?


Allens fuck with time again…


Flash S4 Thoughts:

I thought it was a significant improvement from S3,but not as good as S1/S2.


The light -hearted nature was more prominent compared to previous seasons.

Ralph was fun and I liked seeing his “hero’s journey”. In some ways, I like him more than Barry.

Cisco getting some punani after like 3 seasons!

The villain was NOT a speedster. He had a loving wife. His original motives were easy to understand.

You knew his identity from almost the beginning.

The final battle and the whole season relied on the team coming together as opposed to the “divide and conquer” crap happening in Arrow S6 at the same time.


Wally was wasted on here AND Legends in one season? WTF? IS there some behind the scenes reasons for him being manhandled?

Iris being the leader. I can understand when Barry was in the Speedforce but I would have liked Cisco or Caitln to step up. Why cant they make her be a reporter again and have some time away from Barry’s science friends? Hell, even Joe isnt always there at team briefings.

Once again, the ending of a previous season teases a new status quo (Barry in the speedforce prison), only to undo it 1 episode. Yes they said they were working without Barry for 6 months, but it doesnt really add much drama if they only say it and NOT show it.

Gypsy and Cisco breaking up. Sniff

While I love Tom Cavanaugh’s acting, I feel like his multiple Wells act is nearing saturation point. E2 Wells losing intelligence subplot and going to E3 hopefully means he will have a lower profile. Even Prof Xavier has taken a leave of absence in X-men from time to time.

Amunet Black didnt really excite me that much. I was expecting a more fleshed out subplot between Caitlin and her, but once the prison metas escaped, she faded away. Also, her design was gross. White girls and dreads dont mix. (First CW female I wouldnt really fuck)

Killer Frost is merely a slightly sarcastic version of Caitlin instead of being a villainess. Whenever she appeared, I was waiting for some villainous twist. IF there is no tension when shes KF, whats the point?

I felt a deja vu after seeing Flash be in a trial the same season as Ollie. Also, Him training a cocky guy to be a hero reminded me of Supergirl and Mon-el. (though this time it was more interesting imo)

Overall: 8/10


that almost seems a bit too kind to describe last season. Overall, I didn’t like it… the only major high point was the main villain… I enjoyed everything about that character; he was already overpowered and just got even more gloriously game-breaking later when he started stealing powers… and the nice sidebonus is that his wife was another smokin’ hot addition to the lineup of eye-candy here. The main thing I hated with this season was how goofy it was…this was basically a comedy sitcom most of the time.

This next season already looks like a big improvement, with another big eye-candy bonus… my baby Jessica P. Kennedy, former CW hottie from “The Secret Circle” some years ago… she also got naked (full frontal) in a show called Black Sails. Yeah I’ve kept tabs on that one. She’s goddamn incredible…looks exactly like this girl I had a major crush on back in junior high and high school.


^^^ The daughter…


also should we have Zoom on Elseworld (arrowverse crossover elseworlds)…


Starting tomorrow!!!


Why I got to choose between flash and the gifted? Couldn’t one come on a different day?


The Gifted is actually a good show. Flash is a sinking ship.


Just wait until like 11:00 PM and watch The Flash on the CW app…


Jessica P. Kennedy is one of the hottest girls ever to exist on television…hopefully she stays on here for a long time. I’ve kept tabs on this one since her days on The Secret Circle… the girl is outright incredible… absolute 10.


maybe I should audition for Batman. Vancouver is semi-close to me…