The Flash TV Series Thread


I’m having a blast with this crossover. Glad they’re expanding the Arrowverse with Batwoman, I want more.


John Stewart?

In other news… Batman could show up on the CW in the future on the Batwoman show just like how Superman shows up sometimes…


I was hoping John stewart would make a cameo in Black lightning… sigh


Black Lightning isn’t connected to other shows. So it’s possible. His wife is John’s sister. I’d laugh if he did show up and he was played by the same actor as diggle.


Yep. i just finished watching Green arrow… OG flash did indeed call Diggle green lantern. They should make him the GL John steward… he’d be great.


he didnt call him green lantern. he just said hes not wearing his ring…sooo the show is fuckin wit our heads lmfao


Soooo… Justin Hartley GA vs Stephen Amell? Also WTF at Ruby Rose going from being flat chested to having massive bat boobs. Maybe its some sort of armour?


What better way to hide your identity than to completely change your figure?


Anyone else notice Bane’s mask on the shelf, specifically Nolan’s Dark Knight Rises? They must be fucking with us.


Good point.


I didn’t notice myself but it was pointed out that she paints her face with white makeup. So Batwoman is a busty, pale, long haired redhead. Kate Kane is a flat chested, tan, short haired brunette. In all seriousnes, that’s makes for a better disguise.


It really wouldn’t. Diggle is too good of a character with his own history to turn him into someone else. Diggle as a GL is great but don’t turn him into Stewart.



John Stewart needs to be played by someone with gravitas. Diggle is just a big black angry dude who banged his brothers wife in season 1 ha. Hes been angry since.


In his defense, Diggle’s brother was assumed KIA. Everyone thought he was dead. He didn’t just jump right into the sack with her.


So any opinions as to who would be a good Stewart GL in the tv DCU?


Nobody noticed the Burton and Nolan street call out when the trio got arrested in ep 2. Either way i had fun with the crossover this year. Now next year ohh boy that should prove to be interesting.



Nobody see the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” coming in 2019!!!


Not diggle but theyll probably go that route anyway. Diggle from another earth