The Flash TV Series Thread


As cool as Batwomans appearance was, the crossover only made me want a Superman series instead. Dude stole the show with his rendition of Big Blue, best onscreen Superman in a while


nah, no chance in hell of a Superman show with the current “Girls & LGBT+ Power!” regime going on with the CW…stories are starting to take a backseat so certain ideological agendas can be front and center…haha, the people writing the shit at this point have all the subtlety of a suicide bomber.

Y’know, in the off-chance they did produce a Superman show…fun speculation on how they’d do things in the current era:

they’d probably have Johnathan Kent be a Mexican “trans-man”…Martha Kent is now a 20-something year old Black woman, Lex is a homosexual that actually had romantic feelings towards Clark, and Lois is bisexual…and they might even throw in a new character in Clark’s circle of friends that is a furry… and of course all people in positions of authority in the show would be women, of course.


Totally agree with the above. Seems like every goddamn show has to have some blatant LGBT bullshit. Sometimes for no apparent reason. Didnt know why they had to make constantine gay for somw reason.

There is definitely some sort of agenda being pushed whether we like it or not.


No jokes, if they keep doing this then the shows will be cancelled due to lack of viewers


In Constantines defense, he is bisexual in the comics, so thats simply CW being true to his character (could’ve done without the kissing/sex scenes tho)


Same issue with what just happened with voltrons ending. Fucks sake cant I watch one goddamm show without lgbt bring forced down.

And dont say no shit about representing. If anything its over representation. If u really wanna represent how about 1/4 of your cast be chinese people give about 25% of the world pop is chinese.

Worse thing about arrowverse imo.


Why leave Supes out, when he can literally BE the elephant in the room? :coffee:


haha, more theoretical “loony lefty” show-runner ideas, because it’s fun to me at the moment…

  • Maybe Clark’s parents are now a married lesbian couple-- Martha and Elizabeth Kent…also with Elizabeth being a Black woman so it’s also getting the interracial coupling points.
  • Martian Manhunter now prefers to assume the form of a human female most of the time, of course.
  • Supergirl still occasionally shows up in his show too, because Superman frequently needs to be saved by her; she is stronger and infinitely more capable and wise at being a superhero, of course…he starts acknowledging her as a mentor figure.
  • Instead of stopping villains that are strong enough to threaten the entire world’s existence… Superman has to occasionally stop rapists, which are always men raping women, of course…and all the other bad guys for the 3 seasons the shit lasts…all of them are going to be straight men too. If a villain is female then it’s just because she is being mind-controlled in some way, or was magically summoned…or she’s a demon, or from another dimension or alternate earth…because women are never just bad people…there’s always an excuse for them being “corrupted” from their natural perfect selves, see.

Also–Lex only went evil because his romantic feelings for Clark were never reciprocated… so it’s obviously Clark’s fault for being a filthy heterosexual “cisgender” male, of course.


How they’d ruin a Superman show? Just bring back Lana Lang.


remember the kenu reeves constantine…


the non fudge packer one? …wait was that non PC?


I wonder now… with the new Batwoman show probably being on track to become an actual thing on CW soon… will they dare to “go there”? Batman is arguably even more of a “sacred” character than Superman, imo… the fan outrage if they try the same shit there will be on another level…should be a fun trainwreck to watch. They’re so amazingly out of touch I’m betting they do it…

  • Batman will need to be saved at some point by Batwoman.
  • The writer will then have Batman acknowledge her being superior in some way-- “wow, thanks… maybe Gotham needs YOU more than me these days…” or a line like “all these years of training…and yet it looks like you could teach me a few things here…you were the better hero this time, Kate.”:rofl: You know damn well they want to do this silly ass shit SO bad. :laughing:
    Another one— Batwoman and Batman work together on a case… she of course has superior detective skills and comes up with something…then the goofy moment happens where Batman looks like a deer in headlights and says “…uh…yeah I was totally thinking that too.” …y’know, so the audience knows that he’s a dunce that doesn’t even have 10% of her clever ideas or intelligence…because y’know…GIRL POWER.


I doubt they will change Batman himself that much. Everyone else will likely not be safe.

  • Gotham TV show made Penguin gay for Riddler so they will likely roll with that.

  • Nora Fries will be the supervillain with her husband in the cryo tube.

  • Poison Ivy will be a supervillain Sara Lance

  • Joker and Harley will be some relationship will be the lovey dovey bullshit from Suicide Squad instead of being an abusive relationship.

  • Getting the female ventriloquist instead of the original.


Just realized something… Remember in season 1 or season 2 of Legends…

Jax and Professor Stein/Stine heard a recording from Barry sometime in the 2020s but they didn’t tell anyone…

Also, Zoom was not supposed to turn into the Black Flash this early… So this will kill the timeline.

Why doesn’t Team Flash ask for Zoom’s help. Remember, Zoom is not a meta, his speed is made from that blue juice…


Recording was from 2056 and it has already been confirmed that it’s not part the timeline any longer.


What 'bout this…


Now I get it. Nora is the one who set a bomb to kill Thawne in 2049 in his prison…


when you see dat ass


Are you talking about who I think you are?


Yes Sir