The Flash TV Series Thread


I been on that Gabrielle Walsh tip since I saw her in Paranormal Activity : The Marked Ones.


An unstoppable team would be Cicada and Ricardo Diaz (while on that super human drug). They would own everyone for free!!!



I get it now. Cicada’s niece is mind controlling Cicada to kill all metas…


Don’t know if the CW is going to run with it but I believe that Sherloque Wells from Earth-221 is also a speedster if not Thawne from Earth-221. Why is Sherloque always interested in Nora’s speed book and so forth.

Everyone notice the look on his face when Barry mentioned The Reverse Flash’s suit…


orrrr she’s thawne’s girlfriend? the language is one thawne taught nora and its from the future.


It’s been implied that Nora is lesbian. She actually tried picking up a girl.


I bet Nora’s tongue is a dangerous weapon.



She almost got picked up by a girl…


The dude that plays Cicada be over-acting like a mfer, its mad corny. I dont know if it’s the director or him🤦🏾


Leave Ostreicher alone man. He was the only dude in American Pie that didn’t score. He was Charlie Nash in The Legend of Chun Li. :smirk:


Barry’s daughter dumb AF, fucked up 3 times in a row running back in time. She worse than Barry😂


At least he doesn’t need a DNA test :wink:


Definitely him. Hes been known to be a shit actor. Lol


He hamming that shit up, nobody talks like that or has those mannerisms in real life. Then again, The Flash is a pretty campy show

Also, Nora failed 52 times. Damn, she straight :put_litter_in_its_place::joy:


The Flash is the best CW DC show.

Sherloque is a speedster too.

Earth-2: Wells

Earth-X: Thawne


Anyone who is a member of SRK and doesn’t know who he is ought to be ashamed.


Best role he ever had was American Dreamz.

Couldn’t oversell that shit.


I mean… Im kinda happy for him. He seems like a legit nice guy, and glad hes got work.

But damn that acting… Dear lord. Hed be better off trying for comedy roles instead of serious stuff.