The Flash TV Series Thread

I’m thinking we got legit Flash news and you kids are in here talking about Iris being a thot. :rofl:

Flash stays running…

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The Reverse Flash confirmed for Crisis on Infinite Earths by the trailer for the final 2 episodes!!!

smh…Forgot the final episodes were yesterday!!!

Just thought of something!!!

For Ezra’s movie The Flash why don’t they cast Tom Brady to be The Reverse Flash!!!

Even After Crisis, Iris is still making dumb moves!!

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Diggle motion sickness gag with Barry NEVER stops gettin old :joy:


If you seen the latest episode of The Flash then you would’ve noticed that a few minutes before the episode ended (the very last scene) then you would’ve realized that that was Thawne faking it!!!

I knew COVID-19 would do this. The rest of this season is canceled after episode 16!!!

Rip baby Barry.


Man, that sucks.


JR voice - my gawd my gawd, it’s godspeed!!! Business is about to pick up next week!!!

I still believe that Nash is Thawne in disguise!!!

Oh shit!!! Don’t click the fuzzy words below if you don’t wanna get spoiled!!!

That was not the real Godspeed!!! Incredible!!!



This is the closest we’ll ever get where Zoom and Thawne confront each other!