The Flash TV Series Thread

I don’t remember dudes liking the Batmobile from the Schumacher flicks.

Lol no…forever batmobile was terrible. Just BC you had all the toys don’t mean it was universally liked :rosehiptea:

lol Okay bad example

Looks great well except for the alien looking cgi when running on the track. Looking forward to this. Guess this would be a good time to start watching arrow.

Hmm, guess I gotta start watching Archer now… or is it Arrow? Which one was it again?

edit: nvm, read a few of the previous posts.

Watch both, they’ll both take you to the DAAAANGER ZONE!

alooot of people loved it.

What do you know, Beta was too much of a fraud to watch two of the best things on TV.

Any of you who haven’t watched Arrow should be ashamed of yourselves. ASHAMED! :coffee:

no shame.

Sorry for not being a comic book phagg0t lord like you. I’ll get around to it :coffee:


Sorry, couldn’t help myself…

Episode 1 was leaked online, has anybody seen it?

meh i got 20 minutes to have my heart torn out, ill check it out. Is the costume a typical CW disaster?

Just watched it, it’s alright, not sure if this is the complete episode because there are some major time skips between scenes. The writing is similar to Arrow, but no way near as violent, although some dude did get shot in the neck.

Series airs 7th October :bluu:

Oh shit that was fucking bad ass. Totally changes my opinion on CW, it felt like it had decent production values, the flash effects were awesome the cast was largely good (except for Iris West, wtf was that bullshit all about?) and yea acting was decent too, me gives it a 8/10 :tup:

Only bad bit about it was the Arrow cameo, like nigga get back to your halloween man.

edit: furious the copy i got was like 50mins long

Yeh the version I saw was a just over 45 minutes including credits. It was just weird that in one scene he is talking about going to Star Labs to see the particle accelerator, then immediately shows him leaving the event he was just talking about less than 5 seconds ago.

The promo showed they had decent CGI, but I wasn’t expecting to see the flash special effects used so much + the tornado scene.

It has a water mark saying that it’s for promotional use only, not review. So I’m hoping this isn’t the final edit, pacing does go off a couple of times, and yeh Iris West’s character isn’t that great, she comes across as a huge distraction from the story.

Cant have nothing flash related without a tornado scene dude

I saw it. Overall decent. I think the Arrow pilot was better though, but no biggy. Flash already has his crew of tech geniuses. I thought he would be smart enough to make his own ish.

Side note: I like the special effects they did when he was figuring out the car at the first robbery. Hope they continue to do things like that to let us know what he’s thinking.

he works as a csi guy…hes not thatttt smart.