The Flat Chest Thread- The Best Chest Be Small Breasted Chest

a small breast thread would have been better imo.

also, emma watson is really stretching it with her fashion choice.
if she developed like say, lindsay lohan, she could pull it off, but really she needs quite a few more years to ripen.

For a second I thought this thread was going off without a hitch.

As the OP states, this is for both pure flat chest, and small breast as well.

Lykke Li

SRK nigga…you gay :shake:

Small is cute, man!

When a flat chested woman holds you, she holds you closer to her heart.

What the Hell? What was that madness I just read above?!

LMAO that killed me hahaha. Poor flat chested girls.

/jerks off to titties

fuckin funny.

there are enough ____ girl threads on SRK. thread closed.