The Food issue

So…with the summer schedule going on at Cal Poly, what restaurant options are availble to everybody?

Yes. For God’s sake, no more Panda Express… =(

Any fast foods in the area that are pretty accessible?

Remind me to bitch slap you about that comment you made a while back about the ATL south.


EDIT- god damn geekboy, you’re gonna catch some serious shit for what you said.

Does nobody know? Until someone says otherwise, I’m going to fear for the worse.

After RoninChaos is done I get dibs on the corpse, I figure that can hold me over food wise for the 3 days we’re stuck on campus playing/watching matches.

Well, it looks like the campus dining hall will be open. So that’s good news if you don’t mind cafeteria food. And even if you don’t, you need to take what you can get. Besides, it’s all you can eat.

where’d you get that information from?

die geekboy

Well this is good to hear.

Cafeteria food is perfectly fine to me so I’ll be content. :smiley:

Besides it’s all you can eat! Too good!

BTW BarrelO you better grab me by the arm and say hello sometime during Evo… I’ve always wanted to meet you in person and shoot the breeze for a second or so.

SG: Sure thing. I’ll keep an eye out for you. I figure you’ll probably be near the 3S machine.

fuck that, as long as they have IN and OUT, i’m perfectly fine with that…:smiley:

In and Out = top tier, too good, etc. etc.

Checkers is for true warriors.

And where is this GeekBoy comment?

haha people still hate GeekBoy. Sup fatboy?