The Food Thread!


Hi there! I’m chef Raymond Ray, husband of Rachael. Welcome to my shop of tasty gourmet and junk-food treats!

This thread’s purpose is to give you inspiration for what you might want to eat at the time, foods you may wish to try for the first time, or to just make you salivate with desire.

A few guidelines:

- Try to post no more than three (3) images at a time. If the image is excessively large (over 1000 x 1000 pixels), please post it in the form of a hyperlink.

- The higher the quality or resolution of the image, the better. Feel free to post lesser quality food pics, though.

- Post whatever type of food you like! Healthy foods, desserts, barbecue, seafood, Italian, fruits/salads, Mexican, ice cream, fast food, pasta, Oriental, quiche, whatever. The goal of this thread is diversity.

- If you have a homemade food you’d like to share, please do so. Upload those pics. And if you have an actual recipe for your dish, feel free to post that along with the pic(s).

- Don’t troll my thread! Please keep it tasteful and non-repulsive. :wgrin:

So here we go. I’m gonna break my own 3 pics rule, just as an introduction to get the thread going.




Of course this fat nigga Sas would be the first to post in a food picture thread. :wink:


B) I was gonna post a hamburger, but I decided to switch it up a lil bit.


This thread is delicious.

Wouldn’t be a food post by Sas if it ain’t gonna have a burger! :lol:


I’d definitely try that.

Interesting dishes there, Loler! :wink:

I’m in the mood for desserts for some reason.



Oh man, that sundae looks scrumptious. And that large Belgian waffle pic.

Since we’re in the subject of sweet food:

Favorite kanafeh filling has to be apple or cream; but especially apple. Shower it with some honey and you’re in for a whole deal of sweety goodness.

Light and crunchy. But most importantly, so good.

Ate one of these in a restaraunt once; never thought it would work (who wouldn’t) but I was so glad to be proven wrong.


So that’s fried ice cream, eh? Never seen it before [though I’ve heard about it many times]. Also waffle link pic is dopesauce.


I’d probably flatten it down or take one of the onion rings out. If anything, the onion rings look fuggin’ awesome. It’s like…an onion belt.

Note: My pictures posted in here will probably all be from


Who here likes curry? (I DO!)

Thai Curry


Actually, I love curry.

And meat pies! MMMM Homemade is best, but this microwaveable brand is good too.

Meat Pie




I’m going to keep it simple.

Here’s what I’ve been eating lately:

McDonald’s Angus Burgers

Chips and Salsa

My favorite of all time… Loco Moco


this thread is making me look down at my top ramen with disgust.


This is a picture of one of my internet friends with his favorite sandwich.

Spicy Italian for fucking god tier.


Yeah! Loco Moco ftw!

EDIT: :d: MMM…if all I ate was cheesecake, I’d die a helluva a lot quicker but I would die a happy man. :bgrin:


Nothing else matters.


Yeah, it’s basically ice cream coated with a layer of egg and either cookie crumbs, cornflakes or any related dough product, then deep fried for a bit (just so that it wouldn’t melt).

Those onion rings are HUGE in that pic you posted.

Loco Moco looks great too. I think I might look into a recipe for that one.

Delicious shawarma. Can’t have a week without it.


lol that dude looks like my friend Alex

And I see those burgers made an appearance. Sas with the onion rings assist :cool:

JawnJawn (:lol: @ name change btw): what is that Loco Moco? Is that egg with rice and beef? looks interesting.

Shrimp is really good every now and then

salad with chicken strips…mmmm


edit: and I see JustB came through with the cheesecake :lovin:


That looks delicious. I seen this one chick from a vlog who was always getting one [anyone know what I’m talking about? No? It’s okay]. I never had lamb before though. I might have to opt for some other type of meat if that’s an option.


Oh seafood huh? Our household has a seafood meal every Sunday and it’s usually one of these:

Usually, we get to use this as a sauce for dipping purposes.

Fishy food


My old man (and sometimes I) go to the fish market on Fridays to get a different assortment of fish; so this one can vary. But in general; it’s fish dipped with tomato sauce and a number of herbs to give it some flavor, then cooked in the oven.

There’s a chicken variation too which you can go for. Not as delicious, but still good.


Sas, tell your usos to hook you up with some mamoe (lamb) and see if you like it. :bgrin: Although it will most likely taste different from a shawarma :lol:


My father loves lamb but I never bothered to try it. While he ate that, I usually made me something else to eat. Like a sandwich. You gotta admit though, that shawarma looks pretty damn dope. I’d probably order that a fast food joint if they offered it.

Jack In The Box has some type of pita thing, but it’s not worth it in my opinion. Jack should stick to burgers.