The Football (Soccer) Thread - Season 2017/2018

2-1 Italy

De Rossi with a longe range shot.

Italy in complete control of the match.

Go LA Galaxy!

Only took the US 89 minutes to get their first CK.


A very nicely worked bit of play that ended with a Rossi volley in the last minute of injury time.

I just saw the US is also in the same group as Brazil, and that’s the next match.

Exit, stage group. :bluu:

meh this game wasnt as good as brazil and egypt

is there anyway that we can watch these games after they’re done?

damn @ u.s. losing. oh well. i’m also a fan of brazil (who isn’t) and a few other countries anyway so…

If your ISP provides it, there’s

Told you, you fuckers.

You don’t FUCK with Blue Impact. :arazz:

BTW, did you know that Giuseppe Rossi was actually born in Jersey? :wgrin:

Another two matches on today.

Spain Vs Iraq at 10:00 ET and South Africa Vs New Zealand at 14:30 ET.

Should be lots of goals in the Spain match as they are the best team in the world right now.

The second match could be two bad teams scoring lots or two bads teams being shit. Hopefully the former.

David Villa just put Spain 1-0 ahead early in the second half.

Also worth noting, Iraq have a layer named Mohammed Ali.

The Irish commentators and pundits have been having a field day with it!


Damn…I just realized that Spain was placed in a pretty shitty group. While Brazil and Italy destroy each other, Spain will just have a cakewalk with those scrubby-ass rivals. OLE!

Lovely team goal for South Africa finished off by Parker.

1-0 and still seventy odd minutes to go.

USA - Brazil at 9am? Dammit. I’m gonna have to catch the replay.

Finally got to see our new team in Seattle play. Just my luck. One game of theirs I see, and they choke away a one-goal lead in the 88th minute. On an own goal no fucking less. Why must my teams keep raising my hopes just to tear my heart out and step on it?

I think I saw Pablo the Mex in the stands. I also think he’s the one who threw that beer bottle at DC’s goalkeeper that just missed his head. YOUR AIM SUCKS PABLO! :mad:

haha Egypt beat Italy.

Doesn’t mean shit for the US though. Even if they beat Egypt and Brazil beats Italy there’s no way the US overcomes a goal differential of -5 while Italy has +1.

Fuck this.

Holland will win the world cup!

Man, caught some highlights of the US vs Brazil match and that was just disappointing.

All of my international teams are looking weak as well. :frowning:

Egypt is no joke. What a good win for them, Italy had so many chances but the goalie for Egypt was too top tier on his game. Anyone remember him stopping the ball right on the goal line ?!?!?!??!


US Advanced! Italy eliminated! Holy shit!