The Football (Soccer) Thread - Season 2017/2018

Columbia play some dirty football. Still not a convincing performance for England, a lot to work on in 4 days.

There will always be a room for improvement I believe that England will be able to perform well on quarter-finals. They have a lot of time left to figure out what went wrong on their match against Colombia.

England’s side of the bracket is pretty meh.

The next world champions will definetly come from the other bracket.

Uruguay… just saying…

Whoever gets to the final from the left side of the bracket is probably gonna win.

Still cheering on Sweden though. They’re probably the weakest overall team left, but the power of IKEA and meatballs will carry them through.

The power of surströmming, damn Sweden is incredible how nobody ever talks about them but when it comes to the world Cup they always perform, it’s a shame they don’t have ibrahimovich though.

The winner of this WC is going to be either Brazil or France with Sweden getting a third place.

About that…

England vs Tunisia and Panama, lol. Thanks to that they ducked Belgium and rested 8 players. Then they faced a struggling Columbia without their star player and even then just scraped a win. Now Sweden… huh!

If they don’t win this WC…

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They are up against Croatia who have played the most time in this WC and only have one striker (after sending the other one home). England is easily on the easiest side of the bracket

Oh really…

Well he IS 33. Madrid had to get a good deal while the good was still going. He’ll probably play in Serie A a couple of years before going to MLS and call it quits.

Football’s not coming home. Evidently it’s quite content staying on the other side of the canal.


Gotta hand it to this WC: the only matches that I’ve watched and successfully predicted the results of have been Germany - Sweden and France - Belgium, and I was sad about those (because yay Sweden and fuck France). It’s been upsets all over the place, and none of the favorites have been performing on the level you’d expect (and that includes France and Belgium).

Felt bad for Rashford they didn’t give him a proper chance. but glad these #ItsComingHome idiots are finally quite.

No one stands France. I hope Croatia takes it.

20 years ago France won its first #WorldCup,
20 years before that Argentina won its first,
and another 20 years back Brazil won its first.
And now 20 years after 1998, Croatia should win its first

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Croatia knows how to party


Croatia with the unofficial home advantage (old Yugoslavia lol) I liked the Croatia of 98 with Davor sucker not this one.

France is too strong unless something goes wrong for them I can’t see them lose.

Performing very well at the world cup does that to you, if your expectations aren’t that high in the first place.

I mean, Norway beat Brazil in 1998 and got out of WC pools because of that. We threw a fucking national holiday for that. Supposedly, the last time that many people went out in the streets to celebrate was when the Nazi occupation ended in 1945. I’d be sorely disappointed if the Croatians didn’t party as hard after getting to a WC final.

Croatia played good football.

But France were the ones who scored.

Second title for Les Bleus

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First two goals of France were bullshit, an nonexistent foul on griezman and the unintentional hand of of the Croatian defender.

France playing very defensively was quite boring