The Football (Soccer) Thread - Season 2017/2018

Well it IS the final game, so basically that would be the equivalent of the Super Bowl in the MLS, just like the World Series in baseball, the Stanley Cup in hockey, etc.

Of course the Super Bowl also involves much more things than just the game itself, but that’s another subject

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To call it a super bowl is a stretch when most of murricans don’t give a shit about the sport.

So Tottenham replaces Pochettino with Mourinho.


  • All 26 MLS clubs participating; all matches in Orlando
  • Group stage followed by knockout rounds
  • Group stage counts toward regular season
  • Winner earns 2021 Concacaf Champions League spot
  • Pre-tournament draw to assign groups
  • Regular season continues after tournament

Tournament style similar to the World Cup…

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Don’t have a general sports thread so post this here. It’s mostly soccer and tennis anyways. The reporter with the bodybuilder definitely wanted to jump on

Just remembered that we did miss the World Cup or is that in 2022?

Qatar 2022

RIP to a legend…

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