The Forbidden Love of Hongief (plus an old sakura)

I looked around and didn’t really know where to put this. I designed some art for a TE stick and I figured I would share it with the community. It was inspired by a strange video I saw on eventhubs a while back:

I have the psd file with the standard TE layout if anyone wants it. Pm me and I can email (or upload) the file. Should I post this in image mishmap or tech talk? Also while I’m here, here’s a drawing I did of sakura about a year ago:

excellent coloring man. do you have a tutorial?

Thanks, but no. I use painter and I tend to work with a soft brush and hard brush at different opacity. The hard brush adds texture and I think you can tell that I wasn’t using a hard brush back when I drew this Sakura.

Actually I recommend checking out this guy’s tutorials

Oh my god, Honda and Gief’s eyes…

These two works are great! I always appreciate good coloring and these are fantastic. I need to get off my butt and actually improve on coloring myself. haha

my hero

Hey! A Wilmington SRKer! Cool!
where u at?

Nice pal.