The Forbidden Technique [Sick Defense tech]



This isnt anything new but i remember seeing it a long time ago.

Now that i actually know wtf im doing in the game all i can say is this seems incredible especially for cody since his defense is shitty


Alot of the more experienced players may know about this but its pretty amazing to me and i’m practicing it right now as i type this.

In short it is a delay crouch tech + option select focus back dash

  1. They do a meaty or kara throw/frame trap mixup
    a. You will block stuff before your tech or focus backdash larger traps. Otherwise you will tech throws. It also shuts down option selects


I’ve known about this but never really been bothered to use it with Cody because of his terrible backdash, although it definately seems like a good tactic in certain matchups, like the ones in the video.


How in the hell do you do that?


Well, this is how I did it:

I mapped my buttons to the six rightmost buttons, not the six left ones, which is default. As the two most left buttons, I have on the upper one mapped select, and on the lower one three punches.

So for me to do the forbidden technique, I press the three lower most right buttons, which in my case are, from left to right “PPP, lk, mk”


Can’t imagine what you need select plinking for with Cody, but you could always just have it be default layout and then map your 3P and 3K buttons to throw and focus. Then you only have to hit 2buttons! The thing to remember is that by doing crouching + PPP + LK + MK you are crouch teching with Heavy Punch which isn’t always the greatest thing to have happen.


I plink the jab after a FADC. My record is doing the loop cl.lp,, cr.hp xx CU FADC cl.lp etc. about 10 times.


Ah yeah I usually try and do 10 reps of that loop (in each corner) at least once a week (I’d do it more but I’m not aiming to compete so it’s mostly just for personal execution.) I typically just double tap (or triple tap by rolling from one finger to the next from ring - middle - index so I get 6 inputs.) I never bothered to select plink as I don’t have my stick wired for it (I’m using a Tatsunoko vs Capcom stick with Sanwa buttons I kind of need to replace the stick at some point as I have to use an adapter to plug it into my computer and I could never bring it to a tournament since it’s a wii stick lol.


Yeah, as I’ve never double tapped, I thought this would be much easier for me to learn.