The Formula 1 Thread - 'MURRICAH scoring them points


An official F1 thread, seeing as the discussion over at Tech Talk Think Out Loud was derailing the thread.

Current topics:

-Is Vettel the new Sti… I mean Schumacher?
-Turbo engines for 2013!
-McLaren Honda is back.
-Mercedes too strongk, FIA pls nerf.
-I’d rather be watching the WEC
-same old same old, but hey, America has a legit F1 team.


And who do you think started de-railing the Think Out Loud thread? Laugh

Yes. Just needs the “Fujiwara Tofu Delivery” sticker, and then we’ll all be set.


I can’t wait to see what Schumacher can do with a Mercedes GP car designed for him next year, he was using Buttons BrawnGP/Toyota from last year pretty much.

Vettel is looking real good, snatching the title within the last few races of the season was epic. Mark Webber made too many mistakes towards the end of the season, his crash at Korea and the bad qualifying at Dubai had pretty much put the nail in the coffin for his championship hopes which was a bummer cause I was rooting for the guy. Too much drama at Red Bull this year but good shit winning the drivers/constructors.

Didn’t know there was any F1 fans on SRK, good shit.


What put the nail in Webber’s World Championship hopes’ coffin was him injuring his shoulder and not getting it checked.


Good shit RBR on getting the Constructors too…


I’m loving Lotus’ throwback to their classic Black & Gold colour scheme. It’s sexy.
Interested in seeing how McLaren bounces back or if RBR + Ferrari will still have it held down like 2010 season. I’m not sure how many runs Webber wants to have at the title but I wish him the best, being what we call an Aussie Brit. I also hope Nico has a better season as does Mercedes GP as I’d like to see them upset a few results to mix things up.

And ofc, I hope Kubica has a good season too. He’s really outperformaning what his car is capable of.


I don’t get why Lotus has basically two teams now that they’ve bought part of Renault and now have the exact same paint scheme as the “real” Lotus - the one that was crap all last year.

Glad you started this thread d3v. And I can’t wait for Melbourne!


Lotus wasn’t crap, they were the best of the new/back marker teams beating out HRT and Virgin. But yeah seeing two Lotus teams on the grid next year is going to be weird.


Can someone explain this to me. I’m trying to get into motorsport

How is it all different from Nascar besides they aren’t going in a big circle? Whose the best?


IMO, the best way to get into motorsport is probably to go kart racing or do something similar.


The whole lotus thing is confusing as fuck.

Also, I’m very excited… booked my hotel and flight for montreal through my visa points :smiley:

Now I just need a pitpass (might have to harass our redbull reps)

Schumacker was also dangerous as fuck this year.

And also if you want to get into motorsport, best get into karting when your 10-11 or younger, or else you have no chance. And your parents need lots of doh.


i was so glad that Vettel won this year; wanted him to win since before the season started. He has such potential, 10 poles and what should have been 8 wins if it wasn’t for mechanical failures.

turbo engines in 2013 is going to be insane. I definitely need to make it out to Austin once that track is fully operational.

edit: I really hope that Petrov gets a seat on a team next year. He had his ups and downs this year, however, I think he did an outstanding job for a rookie.

if Mercedes can build a more competitive car in 2011, I think Schumacer will get at least a couple podiums. This year, Mercedes’ car just couldn’t match the pace of Red Bull, McLaren, or Ferarri.


so you mean “get into it” as in, start racing yourself, or “get into it” as in watching it and following the races on TV?


Racing would be nice, but its probably too late for me because I’m not either A) Rich, or B) Been racing long enough to get a rich sponsor.

So I guess watching it on TV should suffice.


They still had the same number of points as HRT and Virgin. I think that’ll change next year though.

I don’t like that they’re ditching the green/yellow 1960s Lotus colors already though. They should keep those and let Lotus Renault have the black/gold JPS colors…IMO.



“Real” Lotus just bought the rights to the name. Lotus Renault is the team that’s actually backed by the factory. Also, seeing as Renault was on a comeback, I fully expect them to do better than Air Asia Lotus next year.

As for the new engines, I fully expect to see car design change alot for 2013 as well seeing as the overhead scoop doesn’t really work best with an inline engine. My guess is we’ll see intakes to the left of the drivers to take advantage of mostly rand handed courses.


as much as i respect lotus as a racing firm i dont see them going far in F1…

they ve lost it years ago and they d need a miracle to come back and be competitive again.


Like I said earlier, they were the best out of the rookie teams. Just give the car more time to develop and we will see what happens in the next few season. Trulli is really excited about next years car.


I still don’t expect them to do better than the Lotus Renault, aka the official Lotus team. Team’s been on an upswing as of late and Kubica is a solid, consistent performer.


Speaking of Lotus, it appears that Team Lotus will be sticking to Green & Yellow after all, leaving the Black & Gold fittingly with Lotus Renault (the last Black & Gold JPS coloured car was the Renault powered 98T). - F1 News: Team Lotus to keep green livery