The Fountain of Youth Now in Drug Form

Thank Russia

Article - Russian Scientist Claims to Have Found Cure for Aging

Video - [media=youtube]Lqwoo-O_GwM[/media]

The last thing we need is more people being alive.

my secret to ever last life was to convert myself to a cyborg…i liked my idea better…

I call being the next Oro. Gonna sleep for 100 years and beast on J.Wong (not very likely) and Diago’s descendants in sf5 . Then force them to play as my main .

it’s called Vodka. Russians have been pickled for eons, to preserve themselves

More than relevant to my interests.

Stay alive Doctor. And make sure you multiple fail safes so this doesn’t fade into nothing in 4 years.

vodka isn’t a pickling agent…

That requires effort on the users part