The Fourth Button on Aracade Sticks


I am deciding on either buying (now), the Hori EX2 for the xbox360 which has 6 buttons or waiting until sometime later and get the MAdCatz SFIV sticks which have 8 buttons.
My question is the extra two buttons way to the right that important in executing movies Eg Ryu Ultra (SFIV) or Akuma’s teleport or is pressing the 3 buttons just the same. I understand in theory pressing one button instead of three sounds better, but i have no experience with Arcade sticks and that’s why i’m asking


The extra two buttons on the TE version are for players who prefer the American style(last 6) or the Japanese/vewlix style(first 6).

Just buy the Madcatz sticks… theyre better since they have QDs on em.


whats QD ?


Quick disconnects, an alternative to soldering.


So overall you recommend the MadCatz SFIV over the Hori Ex2


If you’re going to swap parts, the Mad Catz stick is easier to mod, but the Hori stick is better right out of the box.

At least, this is what I’ve heard and I could be totally wrong.


yes you are correct… Hori’s buttons are all soldered directly to the PCB… so you cant replace buttons unless you know how to solder.


Soldering/Desoldering isn’t that bad, just be sure that if you have never done anything like that before to practice with your solder before hand.