The FPS (DOOM, etc) Thread

With DOOM Eternal releasing in just over a week, I figured we should have a DOOM thread. A place where we could just post random things about the classic DOOM games, 3, 2016, Eternal and whatever else.

For the sake of others, if you’re posting any spoilers (story, bosses, maybe even secret locations) please hide it in a “hide details” option, as shown below.

Example with Instructions

To do this, highlight the text you want to hide, go up to the gear icon, and choose “hide details”. By default it will use the headline “Summary”, which is the top bit with the drop-down arrow that I replaced with “Example with instructions”. You can replace Summary with whatever you want (ie, BFG location spoiler, etc)

Have fun, and rip and tear until it is done.

Update (03/27/20): The intention was to make a thread general to DOOM, but it evolved into talking about other FPS’s. In a few weeks, I’ll edit the title to just be the “The FPS Thread”.


Also, despite having DOOM 1 and 2 on my laptop, I opted to buy DOOM II for PS4 as I was pre-ordering Eternal last night.

They did a really good job with that port. The options/settings are a little bare bones and they didn’t do much in the way of graphic upgrades (other than recently locking it at 60 FPS), but it plays well on a DS4 pad, and they also have an add-on section so you can download a few authorized mods (such as the Plutonia Levels, and I think three others). I’m having a lot of fun with it.



Yeah the console ports are pretty decent now, they had issues but updates have solved most of the problems. Plutonia, Evilution and Sigil are all there too which is really nice. I wonder how long and how far the support will go on for?


Eternal will bring some excitement back to the series for several months, so maybe they’ll do something to keep the momentum going (other than patches/DLC for Eternal) but I’d be surprised if there’s an update after August to be honest.

I came into say I support any Doom on Switch. It’s nice to rip and tear on the go. I’m willing to let slide any imperfections on the console


To my surprise I beat DOOM classic a few nights ago on Switch. That game was blast from beginning to end. Now I’m working on the extra levels. They need to re-release the soundtracks for the early DOOM games. Got those MIDI tunes stucknin my head.

Also, Switch DOOM arrived today via UPS!


I hear E1M1 in my head far too often.

Also, what extra levels come with DOOM 1?

I wasn’t really expecting many ads-one for it, since most mods use the DOOM 2 wad.

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Is anyone old enough to remember playing Doom on Windows 3.1 or 3.11 with LAN networks? Ahead of its time!


My childhood friend had two PCs back to back, and we would often play Doom 2 deathmatches like this. Typing the commands in Dos and everything. I’m pretty sure we did it over our 28k modems too. :rofl:

He eventually upgraded both computers to something better and we’d move on to Duke Nukem 3D, Quake 1 with the Killer Quake Patch installed, or Red Alert 2.

But yeah, DOOM was revolutionary. Truly one of the few games where the landscape would’ve been so much different without it. SF2 belongs on that list too of course, but I can’t think of much else right now.

As bad ass as those tunes are check these out




Why not a Unicorn? Gonna impale Imps on my fuckin horn. Display them like hood ornaments!!



Converting this to MP3 for my car. Thanks man!

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Should be download links in the description in MP3 format as well as a format for PC DOOM so you can use these while playing DOOM.

Higher quality then converting off YouTube.

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For real, that OG outfit looks sick though.

Also, so, for multiplayer, we’re only getting this Battle Mode right? No deathmatch options?

Nice! May have to run through DOOM 1 again as well, lol

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Getting Eternal on PC only, so right now I’m doing a replay of DOOM (2016) to prepare for it and brush up my skills!!


I played on my uncle’s pc back in the day. He also had the Alien Doom mod. Was pretty cool fighting xenos, also whenever you shot bgm on that game doom guy would yell “kick shell!”


I wish my PC could handle any sort of modern game. It’s really the best way to play Doom or any FPS.

I’ve honestly debated buying one of those $200 mouse & keyboard kits for PS4, but nah, not worth it.

Also, I wonder if they’ll release a proper map editor for Eternal on PC. I think they’re scrapping the SnapMap thing, which is fine, it was too restricted because it had to be for consoles, which couldn’t really run the damn thing anyway.