The Fray with DarryH from Iplaywinner-Mp3's

Here are the first batch of mp3’s for the fray which has a rotating panel which often includes Arturo Sanchez, Magus 1234, HonzoGonzo among others<div>The Fray episode 7 The Horshead Awards</div><div>Episode 8 SCR 2013 Recap and FGC Sustainability</div><div>Episode 9 Sponsorship and Arcade Closures</div><div>Episode 10 Twitch Turbo</div><div>Episode 11 IFC Yipes and BT</div><div>I will add the first 6 later as they are on my home computer, I will also be adding them each week as I do with WSRK</div><div>Episode 12 No Bollocks</div>
Episode 13 with Ultrachen
Episode 14 from 3/22/13
Episode 15 When’s DC?
Episode 16 #Norcal
Episode 17 Yo anime!
Episode 18 with gootecks, mike ross, NYC Furby…mp3
Episode 19 with Shady K and CEO Jebailey
Episode 20
Episode 21 with Gootecks/Honzo
Episode 22, Evo Recap
Episode 23 Collusion?

Good stuff man, thanks.

I needed 5 or 6 hours of audio content, and then I find you uploaded these Mike?<br><br>You da bes!<br>

episode 12 added

episode 13 now up

episode 14 up now above