The Free Stuff and Hot Deals Thread


Updated 02/10/09 - MMDS

We need one of these…


  1. Everything must be FREE or a good deal. It can be something you are giving away or something you found online.

  2. charging for shipping is allowed, must be within reason…

  3. Don’t just take.

  4. Only take whats needed.

  5. Reposting is allowed.

  6. Do not be cheap!

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Help your fellow fighting game communities!
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up for grabs:

128 mb laptop DDRRAM


might as well add this in here. For anyone who uhh… has need for a lot of 64 mb DDRram…


Namco PS1 stick cable lying around.

Just 7$ for shipping :wonder:


chipper… you going to buy that DC still?

NBA Street Vol. 1 PSX up for grabs… $4 shipping, u can pay after u get it.


yeah, my bad, I’ll pay you today.


ATM, I have somebody else interested in it, since I put it back up for sale as of today… Keep me updated via PM / AIM or something

i’m dem0n1kplagu3


backup copies of DDR games for PS2… $4 shipping.


m1x4h, you know you can get like 5 CDs, wrap an in a piece of paper and toss them in your mailbox as outgoing mail with just 2 stamps on them and it should be fine (I acutally get away with up to 3 CDs w/ just 1 stamp, but I really shouldn’t be doing that).


didn’t know that… ok, free if anybody wants them


DDR discs are gone.


you know mixah, with your old handle m1x4h I always read it as em one ex four ach. I’m having trouble doing that with your new handle so I keep thinking your an netirely different guy. That and your new avvy doesn’t help either.


LMAO you’re the only person that actually knew the rest of that handle… a lot of people called me either “mixah”, “mix”, “m1x” or “m1”… i owe you a round of applause. lol


so ghetto


i got Good-conidtion JAP SVC Chaos and Tekken 4 (both NTSC-J format) up for grabs

$20 for both shipped to any where. ($12 each) :wonder:


yo chipper, lemme get that laptop ram if you still got it?


I might have lost it XD :P. PM your address and I’ll send it to you once I find it. I gtg right now.

it’s DDR ram btw, I made a typo earlier, I edited the post. you still want it?


PM sent for both of these.


I’ve got like 7x sticks of 64mb SDram. 3 shipped if someone wants them, otherwise I’m making ram keychains out of them and putting them back up here :).


I’ll ask somebody about the RAM… he has about 8 servers that could use them…


1 new unopened set of GHS Boomers Zakk Wylde Signiture Set guitar strings. I lost the reciept and no one will give me cash back. I bought 2 pair of these for my les paul and my god they are massive. WAAAAAAAAAY too thick for my taste.

Sized as follows:
.010 .013 .017 .36 .52 .60

Plz be cool and only take them if you are going to use them :karate:

I guess 3 bucks to ship.