The Free Stuff and Hot Deals Thread

Injustice Battle Edition stick dropped from $60 to $40 & includes the game:

Pro-tip: Use promo code, “SAVER” for free or reduced shipping (forgot which one since they’re back & forth about it).

Is the stick any good/upgradable?

Odd when i did the paypal checkout it let me apply the promo.

Thanks for sharing man, This is gonna make a great birthday present for my friend.

Decent for $40. It’s a project case for sure though.

It’s an all plastic case and you should really swap out for a JLF and Sanwa buttons.

It’s a decent stick at best but great for the price. I recommend it for modding IF all you want to do is swap the bat-top, shaft and/or buttons (as long as you don’t mind losing the LED’s unless you’re willing to drill a hole in each one to make the LED’s fit). For more in-depth discussion, checkout the thread I started in tech talk:

FWIW, when I paid with a CC a month ago, it was acting up but eventually I got free shipping.

No prob!

I only recommend swapping out the buttons as long as you don’t mind losing the LED’s unless you’re willing to drill a hole in each one to make the LED’s fit. As for the JLF, the whole assembly won’t fit due to the mounting plate & screw holes not lining up. If you must have a JLF in there then swap everything over besides the actual JLF mounting plate.

Divekick is on PSN for $2.49 this weekend

“For a limited time, GameMaker Studio Standard edition is available for free. Valued at $49.99, GameMaker Studio Standard is a significant improvement upon the free version of the software which imposes harsh restrictions on the resources that developers can make use of.” 20% off in stock items Dead Space for free, though I think you have to download or play(don’t know, never used origin before) it through Origin and I heard Origin sucks…a lot.

The Madcatz store is selling the Tekken Tag 2 Wii U TE S stick for 49.99 during their tax time sale.
If you know anyone looking for a new good stick to mod this is definitely something to jump on.

$50 is a good price just for the jlf and Sanwa buttons, much less the noir te-s case.

Copped it. With shipping a total of $60.99. It’s a damn fine deal. Planning on gutting it straight away.

Does that wii u fighstick come with the alternative top panel also?


Hmm…I don’t have a wii u…but does this thing work on the original wii?

Yes, it connects like the classic controller.

YES!!! Ordering it now!!! Thank you Mr. President!

It’s nice and cheap enough to put a different pcb in it even if you don’t have a wii\U.

Yep. I scooped one myself.