The friend switch

Has anyone fallen victim to this? You’re playing someone. You beat the living snot out of them. Then you rematch them. They choose the same character and suddenly its like a whole different person is playing? I hate it. I let my guard down for 2 seconds thinking he sucks and here comes these awesome combos out of nowhere.

And the reason i let my guard down is because of their low BP. Im at like 3000 right now theyre at 0-500. So i think ok he cant be that good. Then i win the first match and think “Ok my suspicions were correct, hes not good”. Then i die -_-

I have a few times. I would like to say that it’s simply cause after the first match i’m just being more reckless, but their playing style becomes completely different as well.

Also, you shouldn’t be gauging people’s skills by BP points. I was ranked Ultra Champ (1700 BP) before I gave up fighting on ranked, and I would still get my ass handed to me by people with 0 BP from time to time, so obviously there are players out there who can’t be bothered to play on ranking but are still highly skilled.

yeah I don’t play on ranked.

Maybe he/she was taking it easy on you the first match?

I remember that happening to me on SF4, it comes totally unexpected and you are too amazed to counter it lol. Good thing friend switches don’t work too well on me since I never let up even if your BP does suck (although BP doesn’t mean anything in this game)

I just find it taking me off guard quite often. Yeah BPs dont matter but in a sense it means theyve been playing for a while depending if they have alot of BP or not.

Reading the title of the thread, I thought this was going to be a script for Seinfeld episode :razzy:

This made me laugh out loud because I remember one night 4 of my friends and I were just passing the controller around when we were playing the same guy online. We are all noobs though so he won anyway and possibly enjoyed the nice variety of characters he was fighting against

So that was YOU! lol. It ALWAYS takes me off guard.