The Friend Zone


Does it exist or not?

I’ve had a conversation with a friend one night of Facebook (a short while after he was dumped by his girlfriend as I remember), and I was telling him about the TV show, “Friend Zone” on MTV and how at times I tend to laugh at some of the rejected people on there and that the friend zone doesn’t exist. I also went on to say how some teenagers are attention-seeking, love-starved imbeciles who are willing to destroy their relationships over their petty emotions and my friend became offended by that remark before logging off after saying it does exist to an extent.

If anything, saying you’re in the friend zone is just a way to comfort your fragile ego. If someone does not like you, they don’t like you. Get over it, and move on. You’re not owed anything because you were so “nice” to that person, and if you believe you can do a better job than the person your crush is dating, that just makes you a pretentious cunt who reacts like a little bitch whenever their ego is bent out of shape. Unrequited love is not a third world problem; soldier on, and deal with it. It’s quite funny actually, because some children put so much into these things when it’s very blatant that they won’t make it.


Yes it exists…many on here don’t even need to read the rest of your post to confirm that it’s real. I know. I have been dealt it many times in my younger days.


It’s such bullshit. I don’t want to be your friend if you won’t go out with me. A real friend would give me a chance, just sayin.



Why should they give you a chance? If they’re not attracted to you, they should not, and hopefully won’t, take the time to find any amount of mutual feeling. People aren’t cars; you can’t just take them for a test run (or in your book, give them a chance) and give them back, saying you don’t want it (or in this case, you’re not attracted to them). They’re not obligated to waste their time dating you if they’re not interested, and I certainly wouldn’t end a friendship because my feelings were unrequited.


causation does not equate correlation.

A girl either want to you or she doesn’t, doing nice things isn’t going to change her mind, especially at a young age. Granted its not that black and white. However if you get “friend zoned” its because you approached the situation as if you want to be platonic friends, or she knows she doesn’t want you and is just letting things proceed (she isn’t friend zoning you, she just doesn’t want your penis in her mouth and you are to dumb to figure out what type of asshole’s she likes to fuck).

And friend zone implies the wrong thing. There is such a thing as FUCK BUDDIES

Funny thought

Would any of you, who say you have been or are in the friend zone, ask said female to fuck you for X amount of dollars?


Explain how you didn’t just contradict the hell out of yourself.


chick that used to live with me along time ago… She was yammering on about fake tits and cant afford them…told her i drop her a g for a night once a month in pussy payments, Before court ordered her into AA and tought her values she would have been on it…

dont hate on me Im a bad guy


The way to get out of the friend zone is simple, take her as a hostage, drug her, become a Military Operator, have her wake up in Thailand, tell her she has been taken by Shadaloo, escort her from the base taking out random people on the way, tell her they are scientists armed with the knowledge of the Psycho Drive, prior to this make sure your Bison look alike is inside the room you locked him in, next pretend fight him (stab his throat), run away, arm charges you placed throughout Thailand, get inside chopper, blow up everything.

Good job gentlemen, we are now not zoned in the friend -

Mission Accomplished.


Fruit Loops are definitely top tier when it comes to eating cereal without milk.


Incorrect, Multi-Grain Cherrios are better, they aren’t to sweet and provide a nice balance, plus they aren’t as starchy which is a big plus because one’s mouth doesn’t doesn’t have that bad texture associated with super starchy and sweet cereal.


The friend zone sucks because it creates the illusion that if you weren’t friends she maybe would have dated you, which is bullshit. I wish I knew this as a teen.


yo someone be my friend…


Who fucks their friends just because? I only put my dick into things I find sexy. You could be ugly, smelly, of poor genetic makeup, poor, etc and therefore ‘friend zoned’ (never-mind that universal fact: women generally act as if males can be friends, since they are capable of friendships with the opposite sex).


does not exist, period. typically, people who complain about the friend zone

ran some weak ass game(if any at all), generally by being super nice and not really fulfilling the male gender role
probably didn’t make a move cause they’re scared of “losing her”, or getting rejected
are desperate ass dudes, and show it. ain’t nothing wrong with being desperate, errbody gets a dry spell, just don’t let it show through in everything you do

In short, she is not attracted to you in the slightest, and that’s the cold harsh truth. The friend zone is nothing but smokes and mirrors. You are either attractive to the girl, or not. Your actions (not your looks mind you) determine which category you fall in


So really your not looking for someone to answer the question but instead looking for others to valid your already decided opinion on the subject. Sounds weak and pathetic to me.


I think you’re confused as to what the “Friend Zone” is.

You’re basically saying the Friend Zone is when one person in the friendship likes the other one, and continues to insist on trying to date this person regardless of the fact that they just aren’t attracted to them. The friendzone (and guys don’t really do this, so I’ll use the traditional boy girl example) is when a dude and chick are friends, and the girl leads this guy on for weeks, months, and sometimes even years. It is a bullshit mindgame they use usually for shallow purposes (like the fact that they don’t think you’re physically attractive enough, or what dating you might do to their social status) and it’s just a matter of manipulation. She will purposely keep this person at arms length, knowing that the guy won’t ever really stop trying because he believes that there will always be a chance with her. A belief in which, the chick plants in his head intentionally. And they do it for a myriad of reasons. Attention, to buff their own insecurities, or maybe you’re the type of guy who likes to buy her gifts. Who knows.

THAT’S what friendzoning is, and yes, it is a real thing. The problem ends when the dude wakes up and realizes that he’s being manipulated, or when she decides to stop being a bitch. (And the latter doesn’t usually happen.) :coffee:


Couldn’t find the illustration of the ladder theory I saw years ago but this will do. I tried the leap a few times when I was younger and fell into the abyss with each time. I try to never give girls the illusion that I just want to pal around. When it doubt, whip it out.


Fruit Loops are awesome!

But yes, anyone here who happened to be in the friend zone, shit happens. Deal with it.


I’m confused, you say friendzone doesn’t exist and go on to perfectly define what the friendzone is.


The real question is why the fuck are you taking a MTV show seriously?

The funniest shows are the ones involving ugly lesbos.