The "Fuck you Justin, I'll show you cancel" Tournament On Saturday April 28, 2007

Delete this please

delete this thanks.

cyrus get people to go

I’m in.

This is the Rama Sauga thing. GGPO.

oh yea thats on the same day…

So is this on April 28th or May 5th? Post title says one and post itself says the other.

ye its now may 5th
i was sure i posted the update but i guess stupid srk didnt register it :S

Either way, Cyrus is still a homo.

Thread title needs to be changed too.

Epic failure.


I’ll be there at 3pm.

I can’t make it. I have a birthday party that evening.


see id love to change the title but i dont have the option

Well he is showing us “cancel”

Edit->Go Advanced


i don’t think you can change the title of a thread. You can change the title of the post though.

Console tourney at york. Someone bring dat Madden

nazir wins for free.

woo i’m hitting this no doubt