The Full SF2 Tomo Training Video

Some of the basic tips are surprisingly relevant to gameplay today. My bad if someone posted it before, but I diddnt find anything with the search feature.

Anyway, enjoy the God-tier time that was the early 90’s.

I love this video

Great great stuff! Thanks :nunchuck:

Wearing that baseball cap backwards is such an excellent way to compliment a well-coiffed mini mullet. Some styles of fashion are truly timeless in their boldness and elegance.

thanks! I remember seeing this, great stuff.

“What’s better than a Street Fighter?”

“A street fighter’s mother?”

Classic stuff. Why is there no SONIC BOOM TANK! in the SF Games?
And wicked M.Bison comes out slicin’


I can hear the SFIV announcer in my head reading this post out loud for some reason.

is tomo the alpha2 player. challenged the guy at a2 last year and he said no, the offer for the challenhe is still on… or was it chokobo?.. meh.

:rofl: @ the commercials before the video starts. Ahhh the memories! Some of those vehicles were just recolored versions of vehicles Hasbro had already released on their GI JOe line.

This video is hilarious (unintentionally) but there’s some great info here, thanks for posting it!

Haha this doesn’t get old. I feel old from watching it though. =[

Tomo is way cool.

However goofy and “cool kid in the street” the opening part may be, the actual strategy section is damn informative. Starts around 5-6 minutes.

Oh, and you got the stereotype asian with long flowing hair in there too. Gotta love the fake engrish character intros as well. Most of the tactics and moves are totally viable for SF4 too.

Why does Blanka sound mexican?

Where could you get this piece of awesomeness back in the 90’s? Video rental stores?

Damn, I miss the days when neckwarmer haircuts were COOL.

There is a credit at the end for “Sweetness”. Someone was in charge of the sweetness. I love the 90’s.

Now that you mention it…I sort of do to.


Hahahaha :bgrin:

Damn, what’s with the cheesy voices for the character intros? :lol:

All this Tomo talk has me wondering if he still plays, and, if not, what is he doing nowthesedays? Is he even alive?

Ya they were talking about him making an appearence at evo this year just for fun.