The Funisher: Comic Book Parody

Created by Adam Snively, a.k.a. Normalman. Unfortunately, it seems to have been discontinued, and after such a short run too :sad: . However, Normalman has a number of other serieses, and all of them are far, far too underappreciated.

Oh, how I wish this were a real comic…

I read the first ten pages and not one line of it made me laugh.

No wonder it was canned.

i was hating it at first but it has its moments. i lol’d at:
“Well my gun is racist too, and it hates whatever I point it at”

I’ve read the original one on that one so maybe that makes it a little funnier? still not grade A but i got a chuckle :slight_smile:

Yeah, the early material is shaky but it does get better as it goes on, once it stops trying too hard to be funny.