The Futurama Thread V.1


Screw any other show
Futurama is t3h shit :rock:

Post favorite moments, quotes etc etc

and rants on other shows that suck


“Pack of highly…got it”


“Gumbercules? I LOVE that guy!”


Hedonism Bot was made of pure win. He WAS the show. Bender was second to him. Oh, and Zapp Brannigan.


“Sweet of manatee of gailalee”


omfg gumbercules
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Kif, the only way to a girls heart is through her parents.
Have sex with them and you’re in. :tup:


“I think I’ve been to enough Star Trek conventions to know how to spell Melllvar.”


Zoidberg: Is desire to mate a feeling?

Fry: Now ask her how her day was.
Zoidberg: Why would I wanna know?
Fry: You wouldn’t. Ask anyway.

Zoidberg: Fry! Look what you did. She won’t shut up.
Fry: That’s normal. Just nod your head and say “uh huh”

Parasite: You’ve damaged your brain universe… but no more than a week of binge drinking or five minutes on a cell phone.

Zoidberg: You’ll never guess where I’ve been!


Fry: Ha! Now you’re in my book. A book full of plotholes and spelling errors!

Big Brain: Hahahaha, I am the Greetest! Ahahaha! Now I will leave Earth for no raisin!


“Ha! That barely hurt Leela at all.”

After shooting Bender out like a torpedo

Leela: We were going max speed when we shot him, so there’s no chance we could catch up to him.

Fry: Even if we rub the engine with cheetah blood?


Farnsworth: You wang’d my ship!

T.R.'s Head: Citizen Sniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiips!


“YOU had to drag spines into this!!!..sob

“yup, i did the nasty in the pasty”


Awesome. Awesome to the max.


4 quotes never fail to crack me up:

“Well this morning I woke up and had a piece of toast…”
“I got the clover, and his wedding ring. Sorry ladies, I’m taken.”
“Let us cavort about like the Greeks of old. YOU know the ones I mean.”
“And me his friend Jesus!”


Indeed, and that past nastification…


Ndnd: Wuv? What is this “wuv”?

Lrr: Wuv? Surely you mean “love.”

Ndnd: No “wuv,” with an earth “w”: behold!

Lrr: This concept of “wuv” confuses and infuriates us!


my favorite episodes are When Fry finds his Old Dog is a fossil and tries to bring him back to life. It is a sad episode.

another favorite episode is when Fry digs up his Brothers grave but it was really his nephew’s grave. Good story

and the one where bender is floating in space and he is god to those little people.

Futurama is to good. to bad it was cancelled.


theyre gonna make two movies for it on comedy central:wonder:


'80s guy: My only regret… is that I have boneitis.