--The Future Of Gaming--

I’ve been dormant after EVO2k7 and most of you might agree I’m not alone. Practicing at home with lag fighters or frequenting old arcades hours and hours away isn’t cutting it anymore. No new games to play today and just a lot of forum trolling from when the new SF4 info will be released. What else can the fighting community do???

Howie’s Game Shack is a massive LAN center with over 100+ PC/Xbox 360 set ups I’ve ever seen. www.howies.com (visit the site for info on “current” activities)

This venue is sponsored by a lot of major companies targeting the gaming scene and run their own tournaments with major cash prizes.

As of today there is no fighting game presence there, yet. I talked to the manager at the Westminster facility (which is approx.15mins away from wheregood old Southern Hills Golfland was) and we discussed possibilities of having fighters present as long as the community supports the titles.

Keep in mind this is an Xbox360/PC only facility. (STHD,SF4 anyone???)

Enough talk. Discuss titles and interest.

I was trying to get something going at a Console-LAN center here in Green Bay (where I held the Green Bay Gamma Bowl tournament)… but the owner just seems much more interested in playing Call of Duty 4 than dealing with me. :frowning:

Sounds awesome. Virtua Fighter 5, please. :cool:

if you can get community backing…he’ll do it

money to be made

i think this would only work with new games, which might be a problem because it excludes people who have been playing fighting games for a while and are reluctantly to try new games. also, im not positive, but it may be more expensive to pay to play at a lan center than it would to go to an arcade.
but on the flip side i think this is a great idea for new games coming out and its a good way to attract new players who are currently only playing FPS or RPG’s at the lan centers. there might also be way to coordinate events between multiple lan centers if the fighting games have online play.
i can see both arguements for the lan centers, but i personally think this is the route to go.

Thats the trick. There is no community here in Green Bay to get backing from. There are only 3 of us who are remotely serious about competitive fighting.

If everything works and the area is chill and not full of Du Ma gangsters I’m definitely down to start driving back to the OC to play some games! I miss those days.


the 90s gangster days are over…

its full of MTV kids

lets get it poppin, we got DOTA and SF4!?!? i’ll check the place out fo sho

always down

lets do it


i know u already said it’s a 360/PC only center but is there a possibility of bringing in our own consoles i.e. dreamcast, ps3, ps2 etc

Ross dont tease me baby with talks of SF4

According to the manager, there is no plans to include different hardware for the facility at this point.

Great news. I’m definitely down to check it out and give my full support. I’ll help out in anyway I can.

i have frequented the one in Mission Viejo every now and then, last time i been there was a couple months back though. Its definately more of a PC LAN place, with most of the PC gamers playing C&C, UT and Quake. XBOX players on the side in comfy sofas, mostly on Halo and CoD4. They also have a Guitar Freaks, Drummania, and Beatmania3 arcade machines there.

its a nice upper class looking place, unfortunately thats a 40-50 mile drive for me…

<-- Du Ma gangster

fuckin Campbell beat me to it

The point of making the drive is to support the fighting game community. There is no decent arcades left besides FFA with quality comp. All future tournaments will have next gen titles on consoles. This venue has the potential to bring back what SHGL has established in the 90s. The future is near…where will you be?


westminster representtt

I’d like to support/help some how