--The Future Of Gaming--

I been there b4, I was impress with the Monster vending machine they have hahaha…

Only game I play on PC is Starcraft til the new Starcraft 2 comes out…

i remember i tried to get something going on here a couple yrs back. iirc, they only have HD tvs and don’t allow the usage of other consoles (they don’t have DC, prob no ps2 either). however, maybe you can work some magic and get that to change. but yea like everyone else said this prob won’t matter once sf4 comes out.

EDIT: seems like my points were already stated, haha. i’ll check it out if this happens.

cabs > consoles.

wow such an epic quote " the future is near…where will you be ? "

sadly… in Azeroth…

Fuck you and FUCK AZEROTH

hey dont hate because you don’t have an epic mount…

They stole my ideaz! :cry:

You can still make a difference and support your favorite titles!

well, Cali…sounds good. You should definitely go back to the manager and talk about maybe doing a test tourney run on the current most popular fighter. Run a 3s tourney. That is the only game I see that can generate the kind of crowd those lan guys will want to see. Cause if it doesn’t rival some of their tourneies, they just wont even be interested. Would be a good start


I agree Cole,

Tournaments is the long term and we’ll get there of course :wgrin:

I need to test equipment and get back to the community asap with more answers.

Keep up the good post guys!

Support the future!

you can take a portal from Howies to Azeroth…and in your down time we can play some street fighter =)

Getting SF games in there would be nice for sure. But yo, have you spoken to them about getting gears of war on there line-up of “official games”?

I’m glad you asked that question,

its all about support…

I think something like that has potential as long as the community backs it (as was stated earlier in the thread) We had a place like that called Gamelords in San Diego. Venue was pretty dope (right by the beach, booooy) had like maybe 10+ big screen t.v’s? You can bring your own consoles and everything, and every Friday night was dedicated to the fighting game community with a set rate of like $8 or so (rather than paying hourly.)

Problem is that no one in S.D. really supported it. SDTekken were the only ones going and each Tekken game tends to die out pretty quick. So the place went bye bye.

Location is extremely important these days and its open til 3am on fridays on 2am on saturdays!. Nobody wants to drive far, understandable. To make it worth your while, there is another important factor that will make the experience even better.

-High level competition

You’ll have great players like afrolegends.afrocole,clockwork,edma,combofiend,and many more…oh and of course- yours truly :woot:

come on guys… any more titles??

SC4??? KOF12?? anyone

If there is unused floor space and spare tables and chairs

People can take TVs and ps2’s or even DC & PS3’s

360’s arent very good for fighters ;__;

i like this idea but at the same time that can be taking up space of spectators for the other games

Hopefully Alex can somehow persuade the owner to give up some space as long as we hold our end of the bargain

what fighters are you referring to that are no good?
and as far as a healthy community is involved, are you willing to play next gen fighters?


but again, to make this all happen we need to support and support HARDCORE!

i dont think anyone has mentioned tekken 6 or blazblue or battle fantasia. but as far as next gen games are concerned i think people should try all the new games coming out. 2008 has alot of fighting games being released, it’d be a shame of some of them got lost in the shuffle and made companies question whether new fighting games are worth it.

Definitely agree with you there.

I’m down to play new games as long as theres competition…and guess what-

more support, more players, more variety in game choice = comp!!!