The Future Of King Of Fighters


There supposedly is suppose to be a KOF game to celebrate the 20th anniversary (which is this year), and these rumors came up last lear

  • According to the next KOF is coming next year to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the game.

  • Many overseas staffs from America, France, South Korea, and China also participated in the project.

  • 3D Technology will be used instead of 2D Sprites to create the Next-Generation of KOF.

  • The developers are working very hard about how they will represent the 2D image in 3D !!

  • The game seems is planned for PS3 and XBOX 360

Based on the recent panchinko games, I’m assuming that will be the direction they’ll be going with 3d.

I hope it is KOF 14. If it is a dream match then they should add everyone from the Ash Saga. Just jumping to a new saga would be cool too.


Yeah I hope it comes out soon and hopefully it’s a dream match assuming Ash Crimson, Mature, and Vice won’t come back


All of this is hearsay that’s over a year old.

I absolutely want to see a new KoF, but I want to see some sort of official word from SNK that this game is happening.


They’re working on it.

Games aren’t just developed in a year in today’s age. When Playmore revealed that they were working on KoF XII, they stated that they started development in late 2005 and didn’t show footage until early 2008 (and only had about 6-9 characters finished). These things takes time, particularly in the case of KoF since it normally has a decently high character count; it wasn’t realistic to expect that they’d have something ready in a year. I’d at least expect an announcement this year (TGS maybe) but released this year, probably not.

Anyway, I just want to see Mai in glorious 1080p.


I just want to see a roster with complete movesets again. And bring back old man team and US sports team for god’s sake.


Yes old men.

HELL NO US sports team.




If you want a vision of the future of KOF, imagine rythm games, stamping on a human face - forever :smiley:


I just want them to port the good games to Steam. There was a listing for 98UM and 2002UM and they were deleted.


I have seen the future of KOF. And this is what it looks like.


No but seriously, all I want is the series to go back to 98 style gameplay, have high damage ratio, bring back the fighting style select and/or have the custom selects from 98UM, and I’m with Grimm on this… COMPLETE MOVESETS and NORMALS that actually do their job.

Outside of that…

New Old Geezer Team - Jubei Yamada, Tung Fu Rue and Lee Pai Long.

It would be the most amazing trio of old men ever.

I also think there should be a Boxer Team - HeavyD, Rick Strowd and Axel Hawk or Micky Rogers.

In b4 When’s Rock Howard.


wheres jin fu ha


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gg thread.

I’d love to see KoF '97s damage ratio (know it won’t happen). Underrated game; enjoy it slightly more than '98, balance notwithstanding.


All I can say is that they’re working on something. Anything more and I’ll end up getting myself and a few other folks in trouble.


SvC2…a good crossover game from SNK.


It sure was solid for a Neo Geo Pocket Color game.


I don’t know what you meant by that post but SvC2 is a real thing.


Yeah so many people want CVS3 to happen, but Capcom cant make a good game if their lives depended on it, literally. The team that made KOF 13 should get the job done right. Just make a new version of CVS2 with different grooves and characters, then dont make most of the SNK characters crappy.