The future of Saikyo!



I was interested in what other Dan mainers would like to see from Dan in future installments, such as new moves, old moves like in Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter. [media=youtube]IkABu1iaL3E[/media]

Specifically buffs that’ll make him more adequate but still low tier.

I’ll start with something gimcky. Having his supers do more damage by chipping then actually hitting. Got the idea from seeing servbot’s super MvC2, don’t remember which specific super. Also either have his Gadouken super go full screen, or still have it’s pathetic range and do more damage.

I know people already posted in other threads like the strategy one, but wanted to make specifically for this.


I would personally be happier if his Gadoken was quicker. The range doesn’t bother me, but the start-up time is a bitch.

The HP Gadoken has enough range for me. If it didn’t dissipate so quickly and had better start-up time, I’d be really happy.

Quickening the Dankukyaku would be nice, but it alone is Dan’s best move, and one of the better moves of the game, in my opinion.

The Koryuken can always whiff for all I care, I expect it to, cause it’s Dan.


First and foremost:

Make taunts useful! Just like in 3rd Strike. They could raise damage, raise stamina, decrease stun, or maybe even all three (since Dan has 3 taunts, each one could have a different effect?) This would be extremely helpful, not just for the damage/health bonuses, but would also discourage opponents from running away or tossing fireballs all day, which both give Dan a lot of trouble. Not to mention it give us (even more) reason to spam taunts like crazy. This would be amazing.

And some other less important stuff:

  • Give him a rolling attack (like Abel’s) to help him get in, deal with fireballs, etc. Dan is very good at rolling on the ground, after all. :looney:

  • Lower the gadouken’s recovery time. Or even turn it into some kind of fake fireball. This would give Dan a lot more options at mid/close range. The gadouken’s range should stay the same, since it’s one of his trademarks, after all.

  • Give Dankus faster startup (he should at least be able to combo them off a

  • The knee should ALWAYS beat out DPs. I know the current knee beats out certain DPs when timed/positioned correctly, but it’s so strict that it almost seems completely random. Or maybe I just suck, but still, make it more reliable.

  • Remove or reduce the recovery from his jumping taunt. This would make it a great movement/escape option.

  • Give his super more range, or change it completely (shinkuu gadouken, anyone?) I mean seriously, his current super is just unbelievably bad.

  • Make his Ultra stop sucking too. Make it go faster and further, make it actually do some fucking damage, and/or give him better ways to combo/juggle into it.

  • Give him more stamina? I mean, he IS the challenge mode dummy after all, you’d think he’d get a bit tougher after getting beaten up all day :sweat:

That’s all I can think of for now, I’ll add more stuff if I think of anything.


A roll would definitely be awesome.


Ya good ideas about Gadouken Joe-oh-ken and aaaa_. Taunt boost idea inspires another idea to me. In aplha 3 Dan had these custom super where each attack button would become a taunt, I think the input was qcb twice+select. Be cool if taunt boost was reasonable to spam taunts. I’m not talking about the legendary taunt either. Each attack would have a special taunt that either boost your stats, or decrease your opponents, I’d say one for attack, defense and meter. Be funny to see you drain all of your opponent’s meters lol. I’ll look for a video or post what I’m talking about when I find it.


I would die laughing if you could EX Taunt to drain an opponent’s meter… not that you can actually EX a two input move like that.


Rolling taunt needs a return, make it so you can roll past your opponent. Speaking of which, the Legendary Taunt should do that.

Chaos, I don’t think it did that in Alpha 3, it just made you vulnerable.

I could be proven wrong. It is Dan we’re talkin’ 'bout :tup:


quicker gadoken start up and cool down, like just slow enough so he cant combo 2 gadokens.

Invincibility start up frames on the lk danku. (the mk and HK would be too beastly)

quicker normals.

More ways to taunt, that sums up my wish list.


I actually want the gadoken to be a 3 hit combo kinda like Kyo had in KOF
and I would like for the uppercut to be STRAIGHT up, which would make it less effective but more hilarious.


What? No, don’t touch the Kouryuken it’s actually useful now. If anything give it juggle properties like Cammy’s Cannon Spike since Cannon Spike > FADC > Cannon Spike does some meaty damage whereas Kouryuken > FADC > EX Kouryuken not so much :frowning:

I’d like his c.HP to be faster and therefore more useful. All light attacks to have better frame advantage/disadvantage so you could link two together and cancel into a Kouryuken (at least 2 frames of leeway, no stupid 1-frame link).

Hisshou Buraiken to have a draw in effect much like Rufus’s Ultra.

s.MP/s.HP/c.HP xx HK Dankuu to combo properly on all crouching opponents, Chunners gets away from the Dankuu >.<

Gadouken’s fine as it is, he has better recovery than Ryu currently. If anything just shorten the hitbox so he doesn’t end up punching other projectiles instead of cancelling them out with his own.

Juggle properties for his Ultra, the damage is good currently, the dash is nice, the priorities are great… maybe give him more invulnerability to projectiles on it.

Rolling Taunt back and meter on taunts, he’s Dan, we should be rewarded for successfully taunting :stuck_out_tongue:


a cr.LP, cr.LP, cr.MP or cr.HP link


c.HP comes out way too slow to be in a link. With a 3-hit link they’d be too far away for anything to combo besides a Gadouken or EX Dankuu and you don’t need to hit confirm for those.

HK Dankuu only combos off c.HP, close s.MP & s.HP so there isn’t any real way you could link into that without changing the properties of the special.

Just being able to (jump in >) c.LP > c.LP xx Kouryuken would make me happy though.


I find it funny how overall content most Dan users are with Dan. Really, alot of the changes suggested arent huge.

I look at these threads in other character forums and people can write out an entire page of what they want. Adding every move said character ever had, its like everyone is trying to put their character at the top of the tier list. What amazes me even further, is players with characters already on top of the tier list, most notably Ryu, want even more tools without realizing its give and take, you cant just keep adding crap on without balancing it by hindering something, especially when a character is already amazing. With Dan, I dont think hes horribly disadvantaged, but you can definately improve him, without, taking from him, all the while not giving him a significant advantge over any one character.

There are many things I would like to see Dan, have but really, I would just like to see dan get some tools to deal with some of his more difficult matchups.

most notably gief and blanka. They are the only 2 characters, that I feel I have to play many times better than my opponent to win, depending how good they are to begin with of course.

would be nice if it comboed off also, and you could link from a short.

ala ken cr.lp, cr.lp, >hp shoryu

cr.lp, cr.lp, >hk danku. and dan could use this relatively safely as a block string, so you could be a little more cavalier in being single minded in executing it, since you are not open to punishment off the hk danku, like an hp shoryu. I understand it would be hard to swallow, since the animations wouldnt look like it should combo, but look at >lk danku seriously that doesnt look like it should combo visually but it does.

I agree with the juggle properties. You can hit juggled opponents with a danku, off an lp koryu or a koryu fadc. But i by far do not have this down. Ive sat in training trying to figure out the how why and when you can juggle with a danku. I can hit it maybe once out of every 10 attempts and honestly cant tell you while i juggle sometimes and not others.


I would like a taunt out of his Dash. You hit taunt during the dash and Dan trips to the ground, rolls, and then stands up. During the trip he goes under projectiles, giving him a goofy way of moving forward on people trying to zone him with projectiles.

Naturally it needs something to it that makes not incredible since it is Dan(something like how Abel can be grabbed out of his roll). I figure since he can taunt while jumping, standing and crouching then he would need one while running. I would love a goofy way of closing the gap on people shooting hadokens.

Also, give something to the air taunt, like the ability to cancel into a move, or at least make it so Dan isn’t so vulnerable when he lands.

All I really want more taunting and some faster normals and maybe a gadoken that is faster or that doesn’t throw his hand so far forward. Judging by this thread that is what most Dan players desire.


yep this is the number one reason I avoid ex gadokening a ken/gouken with an ultra on wake up. For all intents and purposes you should have the distance to avoid it, but that godoken hit box allows ken/goukens ultra to hit you.


I’d love for it to combo off of c.MK as well, think it combos off s.MK if you cancel after the first hit.

I think even if Dan could link c.LP and c.MP and it could combo off c.MP after a 3-hit link they’ll be pushed too far back for the slow Dankuu to combo :frowning:

Ken’s c.LP > c.MP is a horrible link, 1-frame :frowning: Think c.MK gives him an extra frame but then HP SRK is unreliable.

I can’t get Dankuu juggle to land at all :frowning: Damage off a juggled EX Kouryuken is so weak I wonder if it’s worth the meter :frowning:


Faster links and combos isn’t a drastic change, I think someone’s mentioned that. But put me down for some.


Honestly, I’d rather not see Dan get better links and frame data and crap. He needs something to keep him different from the other shotos. I say just buff him up in other areas and keep him unique.


Alright I got the video for what I’m talking about, sorry for quality.


Starting around 0:26 I input the custom super taunt. Around 0:34 I started pressing each attack button, starting from lp,mp,hp,lk,mk,hk. Around 0:49 I started spamming taunts.

So you can see where I’m going with this idea. Imagine if one of the attack buttons to taunt during that super drained 5% meter. You saw from the video I spammed at least 20 taunts.


Yeah. I can agree on that. But it is aggravating that his footsies come way too slow. I kinda got the idea cause in the comics, Dan can actually fight.