The Future of SFxT


Can’t travel nearly as much as I’d like to, but I have been going to locals when I can and plan to go to larger local events, and make my way to EVO next year (I’m a broke fool so I have to save money up waaaay in advance, lol). I’m waiting on word for Devastation right now, and I might make it out to the 25th Anniversary Tourney in LA, depending on how things go.


how is the future bright when this game has been dropped from most weeklies, is put on side streams or isn’t streamed at all at majors, already has the rumor mill going that it won’t be at Evo 2013, and every time capcom is interviewed concerning SFxT the questions are always “when are you going to fix it?”


Yes, this game lacks the variety of SG. The number of teams and strategies you can put together
in that game is just staggering.


Just because it’s dropped doesn’t mean people won’t try to run stuff on the side at EVO for it.

VF5FS doesn’t even get played by a lot of people at majors either, is it dead? No. There’s plenty of dedication. Like 10 or 12 cats came out for it at Next Level at the St1cKBuG tournament the other week I was present at. One dude had the most poverty stick I’ve ever seen, all bandaged, taped, screwed and bolted up and he still showed up with it to play VF5. That’s dedication.

Even if a game is or isn’t at EVO doesn’t predetermine it’s sustainable growth. Look at Mortal Kombat 9… it gets low numbers too but it’s still at majors. I’m sure SFxT can push more numbers if people headline it, but even if it doesn’t at this point Season’s Beating’s may be the last stand for people to come out at a major this year from what’s announced.

You can’t quantify these games based on EVO line ups. Yeah if it was announced people will go there for it. It doesn’t mean elsewhere pre and post-EVO can’t have it. If people want to play it they’ll play it. I’m 110% sure SFxT still has more thriving players online than VF5FS & SkullGirls combined.

People say they want to play “good” games? Why don’t they try to take a jab at those games? VF5FS too hard and mentally challenging? SG is easy and very newbie friendly but nobody wants to memorize 5 minute combos and slow paced fighting. People don’t even play it at the Break or Next Level much anymore outside of dedicated gatherings. All hypocrites. So please, think.

My question is when are people going to learn to play a game first before spewing b.s.? Never. It’s just a huge cesspool of people regurgitating the same crap. A ton of people probably did give SFxT a second chance after the DLC characters were dropped.


What are you trying to imply? That SFxT isn’t ass?


How can you call SFxT ass when people play Marvel?

Something stupid happens in marvel, you just say “oh well its Marvel”

If something stupid happens in Cross people just go, “oh well the game sucks”

People just play marvel because its fun to watch and has fake hype. Just does not make sense to me that Cross tekken is the game thats dying and not marvel because people just dick ride marvel for the name sake.


To be fair every game has it’s strengths and weaknesses. If I could get into Marvel I would, though. Everybody has a fighting chance at something despite how small it can be with low tiers and how high it is with top tiers. The game is “hype” because there’s a lot of undiscovered stuff from all the different combinations of characters and when something new they don’t know about pops up it’s interesting to watch. It’s fun for the randomness.

A bunch of top players over the SF25 weekend in NYC talked about and agreed that SFxT is better to play but not better to watch and Marvel is the total opposite, it’s just not as fun to play but it is fun to watch. Honestly, I couldn’t agree more. I can’t get into Marvel because I can’t play it properly and I can’t keep up with random stuff.

The best defense in SFxT is blocking attacks whereas the best defense in Marvel is avoidance/dodging space. You can’t quantify these games though, Joe Lewis. I won’t bash Marvel much beyond a few designs I don’t agree with and can’t be repaired such as Xfactor, TAC infinites that they’re leaving in, and character balance. But, SFxT just has way too many bandwagon haters with that mob mentality that it’s probably better just to not answer to.

Marvel’s gotten the SF4 treatment. It’s been made to be dumbed down enough to cater to casual masses so they sell more games. Easier to understand and easier for people to keep watching and playing. If you want to celebrate the Marvel vs Capcom games, why aren’t more people running and streaming MVC2? Because it’s buggy and a cluster fuck. But it’s what created all these gaming celebrities in the first place.

But hey, people will keep playing Marvel 3 because of the casuals. Do you know why?! Do ya?! Ya wanna know, guys?!

It’s $$$$$$$$$ and franchises.


I’m implying that SG is godlike in comparison. It has everything SFxT doesn’t…like…:confused:


I don’t know about you guys, but I refuse to let this game die by this ass backwards bangwagon mentality. I have sessions at my house for Cross, I bring my setups for Cross when I travel. I REFUSE to let this game die.


Nah, I doubt this game will “die”. TBH I don’t even know what they really means at this point. At worst it will turn into anime poverty game status :stuck_out_tongue:

Melty Blood? Arcana Heart? lol

SFxT is fine. Capcom is still supporting it with updates and they will continue to do so for a while.


Thanks haters…continue please…we need your help,your voice.
You are very useful,you help us to make grow up this game and you galvanise players and Capcom to make you lie.


When you have 6 months worth of threads asking if a game is dead, sooner or later you’re gonna have to consider that maybe the game isn’t dead.

SFxT is still here, folks. Sorry.

I have no trouble finding matches online, particularly after the new characters dropped. Lots of people play this game. Probably more than most of the hipster games that are supposedly “in” right now. That number will only increase when the Vita version is released, considering the cross platform play. And, of course, we also have balance patches in store, and several worldwide tournaments.

Why don’t we stop making threads under the assumption that the game is “dying”, because that’s just buying into the nonsense that ignorant people spout.

Just keep playing.


I bought SFxT limited edition day 1. I don’t hate it because “it’s cool to hate it”. I hate it because of it’s scummy business tactics and stupid game mechanics (assist-gems primarily.)


Don’t buy into this self-fulfilling prophecy BS. Some top players and TOs dissed it, so lots of people rallied behind them. Why? Cause sheeple. Bottom line is this, if you think the game is fun play it. If a decent number of people think that and do that, it’ll be around for quite some time.

Back in the day, there were deep divides between ST, 3S, Marvel, CvS2, GG, Tekken, etc. Sure, some people crossed over, but most just focused on one game. I think maybe a lot of new folks don’t appreciate that. Just cause a bunch of people feel comfortable in SF4 or MvC3 and want to focus on those doesn’t mean this game is without merit. Most of the play I saw at Evo was mediocre at best. This game has a lot left to be explored.


Is there the possibilty that people like more than game?
Why is this divide in the community? I just don’t get it.
I don’t play/like Marvel. But I can say that I do understand that people like it. I don’t have to bash it.

Why are people so stubborn? I’m sad :frowning:


Lol what? You’re not forced to buy anything. I haven’t spent a cent on anything other than DLC characters (which are reasonable unless you’re poor). Capcom said they’d fix assist gems and they did. What silly reasons to dislike a game.
I understand the meaning behind these threads but it gives these people who feel the need to express their unwanted opinions (especially that dude that whores his bro’s name to get fame) to hijack. We know the game isn’t dead; we’re still playing it :woot:


Haters want to say that the game is dead, but in reality this is what they are really actually saying…


They will figure it out eventually, takes some people more time to come around.


The only people that hate it fall into the usual categories of:
2.Assist gems(Auto block/tech soured new players and pro players alike)
3.They can’t play it like SF4 so it sucks because there tactics used on that game don’t fly against good players in this one
4.Quite possibly the main draw of hate is stream monster bandwagoning and pro player wood riding

Apparently you need a pro players endorsement to decide whether you will enjoy a game or not. I appreciate the ones that do support the game but even without their support I’d still play the game. The DLC characters have been released(And I will gladly pay for more if they decide make the cast even bigger), the most game breaking bugs and glitches have been patched, the main problematic abused moves have been nerfed, and there is still a big balance patch on the way, so with that being said this leads me to the conclusion that #4 is the only reason why people are hating. Let them hate though. This game will still be played well into next year.


And for those that DO need it, PR Rog and Dieminion BOTH(top 2 US players) already said they like SFXT a lot, dieminion even said its becoming his favorite and most played of ANY game.