The Future of SFxT


When you have 6 months worth of threads asking if a game is dead, sooner or later you’re gonna have to consider that maybe the game isn’t dead.

SFxT is still here, folks. Sorry.

I have no trouble finding matches online, particularly after the new characters dropped. Lots of people play this game. Probably more than most of the hipster games that are supposedly “in” right now. That number will only increase when the Vita version is released, considering the cross platform play. And, of course, we also have balance patches in store, and several worldwide tournaments.

Why don’t we stop making threads under the assumption that the game is “dying”, because that’s just buying into the nonsense that ignorant people spout.

Just keep playing.


I bought SFxT limited edition day 1. I don’t hate it because “it’s cool to hate it”. I hate it because of it’s scummy business tactics and stupid game mechanics (assist-gems primarily.)


Don’t buy into this self-fulfilling prophecy BS. Some top players and TOs dissed it, so lots of people rallied behind them. Why? Cause sheeple. Bottom line is this, if you think the game is fun play it. If a decent number of people think that and do that, it’ll be around for quite some time.

Back in the day, there were deep divides between ST, 3S, Marvel, CvS2, GG, Tekken, etc. Sure, some people crossed over, but most just focused on one game. I think maybe a lot of new folks don’t appreciate that. Just cause a bunch of people feel comfortable in SF4 or MvC3 and want to focus on those doesn’t mean this game is without merit. Most of the play I saw at Evo was mediocre at best. This game has a lot left to be explored.


Is there the possibilty that people like more than game?
Why is this divide in the community? I just don’t get it.
I don’t play/like Marvel. But I can say that I do understand that people like it. I don’t have to bash it.

Why are people so stubborn? I’m sad :frowning:


Lol what? You’re not forced to buy anything. I haven’t spent a cent on anything other than DLC characters (which are reasonable unless you’re poor). Capcom said they’d fix assist gems and they did. What silly reasons to dislike a game.
I understand the meaning behind these threads but it gives these people who feel the need to express their unwanted opinions (especially that dude that whores his bro’s name to get fame) to hijack. We know the game isn’t dead; we’re still playing it :woot:


Haters want to say that the game is dead, but in reality this is what they are really actually saying…


They will figure it out eventually, takes some people more time to come around.


The only people that hate it fall into the usual categories of:
2.Assist gems(Auto block/tech soured new players and pro players alike)
3.They can’t play it like SF4 so it sucks because there tactics used on that game don’t fly against good players in this one
4.Quite possibly the main draw of hate is stream monster bandwagoning and pro player wood riding

Apparently you need a pro players endorsement to decide whether you will enjoy a game or not. I appreciate the ones that do support the game but even without their support I’d still play the game. The DLC characters have been released(And I will gladly pay for more if they decide make the cast even bigger), the most game breaking bugs and glitches have been patched, the main problematic abused moves have been nerfed, and there is still a big balance patch on the way, so with that being said this leads me to the conclusion that #4 is the only reason why people are hating. Let them hate though. This game will still be played well into next year.


And for those that DO need it, PR Rog and Dieminion BOTH(top 2 US players) already said they like SFXT a lot, dieminion even said its becoming his favorite and most played of ANY game.


Yeah, I can understand TOs dissing it, but there are still some top players giving SFxT enough credit to warrant it being a playable game. It may not be enjoyably watchable, but they do agree it is very playable. Afterall if nobody’s entering or watching them the revenue and space is wasted. A lot of people are playing it online though, I think it speaks minimally enough for the game’s current support from the community.

The game can stand it’s own IMO too, even Valle admits he likes it. Richard Nguyen, Tatsu, AndyOCR seem to like the game just as much. Why aren’t these opinions more validated over the hateful ones? Who knows right? It’s crazy that the people who don’t play the games have a louder more appreciated voice than the ones that do play it. Like the guy above, doesn’t want to play it because of business practices and assist gems. That’s fine, but for people similar to that continually and blatantly just roam around the internet boards, blogs and video comments spewing the same b.s. is kinda nuts. The other worst games in Capcom history has not even gotten this much flack.

I play the game now and without the assist gems dominating the space I know why I’m losing matches. It’s not random stuff you will get hit by in Marvel. There’s way too many setups and stuff for people to completely know and memorize. In SFxT, much like SF4 it’s literally chess and you can figure out what some pieces can do in some spaces and it’s just fun for players to play but not fun to watch. Who wants to watch chess pieces move? The brilliance of the game is in the players heads and whats on the board.


no one really likes marvel…they just play what’s popular. Same case goes for sf4.
You’re not gonna go pick up blazeblue and end up being the only dude playing. Eventually you give in to the peer pressure and mash out for xfactor or wake up ultra.
This generation does not know how to stand by it’s games properly. Too many of the newer guys following what the top players say. And since most of the top players “hate” this game they do too.
Oh and people do it for the money too. Marvel and Sf4 have $$$ so ppl will play it regardless if it’s shit or not.


Because people love to hate. I guess it makes them feel important?
…or they think is cool to make fun of things since they always wanted to be a part of the cool kids crowd growing up?


it’s funny, when everyone was quick to name drop every top player not playing it was all golden. Then when the supporters said something the argument gets flipped to “well you shouldn’t be worried about who does/doesn’t support the game and stop dick riding and just play the game!” wait… weren’t you just saying xyz player doesn’t play this game, so no reason to take it seriously. DA FUQ???


I haven’t ever played this game so I can’t tell you if it sucks or not from my personal opinion. However, I do know what its like to try to keep a game alive in tournies, I’ve been doing what I could to help keep some form of Street Fighter 2 alive and running at majors since 2010. So I know what its like to fight this uphill battle.

People with your type of attitude hurt the game the most. You like the game, but at the same time you deny that the game is dying when its obvious that its being dropped from most majors. Then you tell yourself, “everything is fine, it will work itself out, or someone else will fix this problem”. There is not way this game can survive if the players don’t support it. Sorry to break it to you, your game is dying bro. I don’t even play this game but that’s all I hear from players all around. You can let it go peacefully into the night, or you can rally all the remaining current players to show up and support the game you love.

I’m sorry that I singled you out bro. It’s just because we deal with the same problem in our SF2/ST scene and it is annoying as hell. We get players that are local saying how much they love the game and this and that online, but can’t be bothered to show up to a local major that only happens once, if we’re lucky, twice a year.

OP, good luck with your project. The odds are definitely against you.


I’m glad Dieminion does support it and I’m glad he’s enthusiastic about the game. The proper way to play the game wasn’t illustrated to a wider audience by a pro until Tatsu killed it at NY 25th Aniv tourney. It’s kind of like the saying “Sex sells” except with the FGC it’s “Flash sells”. Marvel has the practical flashy combo’s that can kill you once you’re touched. While SFxT has flash too but it’s not practical because it’s not used properly. People waste 3 bars on tag in combo’s just because they look cool instead of realizing the damage gets scaled back. It’s nothing wrong with wasting bars for a guaranteed kill to win the match if possible but that’s almost never the case. This is where resets in SFxT comes into play, if the top players explored those more the game would definitely be as much fun to watch and fast paced because the resets most characters can utilize in this game can deplete your life way lower than 50% if your opponent guesses wrong on a 50/50. Evo could have been a good chance to see what individual pro players could do on the big stage of SFxT but 2 vs 2 pretty much killed that. Some players didn’t have much chemistry with their partner(Cough Mike Ross Cough Combofiend)and cross assault which should be a very strong feature for 2 vs 2, wasn’t even utilized to it’s full potential. I would have loved to see great individual play with their teams at Evo but it wasn’t set up that way so it is what it is. I think SFxT has one last hurrah in it and that might be the one that cements its place in FGC for years to come but who knows. The online community still supports it so to me it’s not dead until the day I go online and that Searching for players keeps searching and searching and finally say’s Cant find lobby. As far as big tournaments go I don’t think it’ll be gone…not just yet. Rumors are just what they are…rumors.


it’s not a TO’s fault if a game is dropped because not enough participants. no one is being unfair to you. instead of making threads complaining about the haters, make threads showing us really cool stuff that will make other people want to play it. that’s how you’ll save this game, not making posts about “omg the people who hate this game are so dumb they just want another SF4” or “the TOs never gave us a chance.” make videos about how to beat jab pressure, or how matches can work within the clock limit, or just showing you doing cool shit. that’s the kind of thing I as an outsider to the game would care about.

my two cents anyway


That makes sense. I think support for the game is growing in general after the fixes and new characters tho.

Hey everybody if you like SFXT best thing you can do is PLAY IT. Setup locals if you are in a metro area too.


I think it’s pretty obvious that the hate is misguided just by looking at this thread. Not one speck of hate, no one saying: “it would be good if…”. Most people are wondering where the hate is coming from.

I’m loving this game, and I’m clearly not the only one.


A lot to read but I think the primary reason why people did not support it, (which is why I quit the first time) was the overall marketing for the game. I do not agree with anything from a market standpoint of how they handled this game. I know a lot of people were ditracted from that. But when you look at it, now is the perfect time to get back in (which is what I did LOL). I thought to myself “Oh my Capcom Code came in my e-mail…well I returned Cross but at Game Stop its 19.99!” I asked my store director (at my game who Im good friends with) And the reason why Cross Tekken is so cheap is not because the game is “bad” or the community does not like it, its because if you buy all of the mandatory DLC it turns out to be a “full price” game. A lot of people dont understand that. I think now is a perfect time than other to re hype this game up.

If the money match between Sethlolololol(i dont know how many fucking Lolis are in his name) and I goes down I think it would be good because people want to see shit like that, you know? If a hype ass money match (That is most likely going to last and hour and half) happens, people will get interested into playing and such.

A lot of wheels have to be turning to get the players back. I think the main priority is to get the players BACK to the game. Top players like the game (Even Sanford Kelly likes this game which amazes me) but theres a lot of community work we have to do to ressurect it.

I feel bad that it took DLC and a Patch for me to come back, this community is mad knowledgeable but I think just the gaps in knowledge are there because there are not enough people playing the game.


hate is usually synonymous with ignorance.
There can be empty hate or hate with a reason.
I’d be alright if people were like i hate this game because i feel that it isn’t my cup of tea so on and so forth
but if people are like FUCK THIS SHITTY GAME YOU ALL ARE SCRUBS FOR PLAYING IT HAHAHA. then that nigga is trollin.