The Future of SNKP?

For all intents and purposes KOF 12/13 was a failure. Now, 12 may have failed from a gameplay stand point, but 13 has been very warmly received. However, it only got a limited release in Arcades. From a financial perspective it failed. How much did SNKP invest. like 10-15 million? Wishful thinking, how much did they recoup from 12’s release? Maybe 2 million world wide? Let’s just say in the arcades 13 has made about half a million to a million. In order for it to be successful on consoles it would need to sell about 2-3 million copies, equal to SSF4, and Blazblue could only pull in half a million to a million tops.

I hope they don’t declare bankruptcy. I like the company, but man, this was a huge failure for them. I can’t see a KOF 14 done like this.

My prediction is that (if they don’t declare bankruptcy) they’re going to go towards the hand-drawn look similar to Blazblue or something resembling Rumble Fish. First title to be given the new treatment? I’d guess KOF or Samurai Shodown.

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In the worst case scenario of KOFXIII console being an even bigger bomb than KOFXII, SNKP still won’t go bankrupt.

They’re still making money off of pachi-slot and witch-touching games. 2002 UM will probably be an Arcade staple for a while.
They can still pretty much re-release a new KOF 2002 every 4 years, and Asian arcades will still play it.
There just won’t be any new KOFs with new graphics…or otherwise they can keep using the KOF XII sprites for the next 10-15 years, adding a few new characters with each new version every 2 years or so.

So yeah, SNKP will still be around, it’s just that they’ll be known for recycling old KOFs ad nauseam, and putting their beloved characters in non-fighting games such as reprehensibly bad mobile phone games, dating sims, and pachislot.

Kof Sky will sky rocket SNK into the Zillions!!!

I like how people have no concept of “gaming division”. Newsflash: the money made by the pachinko division is meaningless in what pertains to KOF XIV or any game. If the gaming division is doing badly, the board will look at the numbers and if they really are that bad, they’ll just fucking close it. Sure, the President was a game producer, but if he overrules shit to keep a flopping division afloat, the board will be gone in a sec. Or the President will.

The only reason the gaming division is still alive is because it provides the pachinko division with IPs to exploit. Every month comic and game studios are farmed due to their IPs - SNKP is no different. Just because this is a gaming forum doesn’t mean you’re allowed to alienate yourselves to reality and pretend SNKP’s income comes from their games.

Last I checked pachinko is a game.

I’m pretty sure selling out doesn’t count as a failure, by the way. Business economics don’t work like that… :wonder:

13 only just released this summer without a console port at the moment, it’s way too early to tell if KOF13 has failed or not. Given what I saw for SBO, I am not sure if they are unsuccessful yet.

It got so little exposure at SBO, only the final 3 matches were streamed. The game looks amazingly badass but it’s suicide to release the console port head to head with MK9 and MVC3.

the reason i trolled before is because you clearly don’t have any real clue what you’re talking. kof13 cabinets sold out in arcades. snkp themselves even said thats way more than they what they ever could have hoped for from it. and as far as sbo… wtf do you expect from a category C game? top 16 streamed?

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Why would you want to close this thread? The very future of SNKP is being decided on this thread.


Well two things: There was a limited run on KOF13 cabinets. Secondly the president of SNKP did step down recently.

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KOF XIII is a failure. Sure it sold out, because a small number of cabinets were produced. KOF2002UM is the only thing keeping the GAME division of SNK Playmore alive.

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