The Future of SRK Mafia (Possible Site Transition)


First of all, I would like to thank everyone that’s been taking part in these games. You guys have become like a family of sorts, in a very Reality TV Show sort of way. Mafia on this site has burgeoned to the point where these games are becoming more and more competitive, and we have caught the attention of other Mafia communities with our play.

That said, we just recently held our 18th game here. While it was interesting, and Synonym did run train on everyone else, we did have a lot of problems. To name a few:

–Formatting inconsistencies between mobile and desktop users, which prevented post formatting to work at all on mobile. Needing votes to be bolded to stick out, this caused me several issues with counting votes during this game.
–Mobile users being completely unable to quote posts at all, causing a massive amount of confusion as to who was being referenced, what post was being referenced, and why.
–An edit being committed on accident due to these errors by RadicalFuzz
–PM conversations listing only the amount of people, and not names at the top, making PM conversations unidentifiable. Vynce almost blew the whole game by posting something in a game night PM, thinking it was the Loser’s Lounge because they both had the same amount of people and were both being posted in. This wouldn’t be a problem if Pimp Willy and ForgeDigger weren’t in the game night PM and still alive in the Mafia game.
–Instances of server errors and even a couple of periods where posting or even accessing PMs were not possible at all at the start of the game, and even caused me some problems during Pre-Game while trying to assign roles.

Now, this isn’t to come down on SRK, but mainly Vanilla-hosted Forums as a whole. Mr. Wizard has stated that this is a global issue with Vanilla-hosted Forums, and is being caused by changes upstream. Vanilla is not working on these problems, and they will persist for God knows how long, if they ever fix them (we still have many of the same issues from the start of the changeover still prevalent.)

Because of this, I began throwing around the idea of a new site to a few people, namely, PW, Alpha, Vynce, Synonym, and Forge. Forge has already run mafia on her own Forum before, as a small game for some of her and Fuzz’s friends and a few SRKers to play in. But being a freehost forum, it is not without its limitations, namely, no mobile version to speak of.

So I propose this, we could attempt to attain a domain and hosting for our own forum, and run games there. If you have seen bits and bobbles about, this is what I’m referring to, and thus, that is the name I’m proposing for the forum.

There would be of course some benefits to doing so:

-The ability to custom tailor the forum for playing mafia. That could include countdown timers for the end of phases, integrate the leaderboard into the site, making updating a semi-automated process, prevent editing of posts for players, creating a program for gathering player votes, limiting PM access for players to only PM the GM during a game, etc. Whatever we deem necessary, we could wire into it.
-The ability to use Tapatalk on the forums, clearing up the majority of mobile issues.
-The ability to streamline Loser’s Lounges and Mafia conversations, making it hard to screw up (Yeah, look at me on that one, guys. Fuck you, I’m brilliant.)
-Further legitimizes our mafia endeavors, where we can talk about what’s going on with the game, and put our flavor of mafia out there in a much easier to see light. This could also be integrated with streams of our Skype mafia games that are going to start up.

These are a handful of the benefits that come from the move. It does however, pose questions, I’m sure more will come as this thread goes on. Here’s some that are already posed:

Cost? With the hosting service I had looked into, SiteGround, domain registration is free, and their basic webhosting (which should be sufficient for our needs) is $4/month. (US Dollar)

**How would we fund this? ** This is something we would need to discuss. If it’s not feasible for us to figure out a way to put a few bucks into this a month, then it’s not worth it to discuss. I’m trying to figure out how I can put the money into it myself, and help with the funding. With China, that’s hard, but I’m planning on moving to Seoul starting in January, so that will make it easier, because we pasty white folk can actually get Visa cards over there and transfer to Paypal easily and shit.

What about players? What happens if our numbers start dwindling? This is something that will come down the line, I know. I’ve been thinking of this, but nothing’s surefire. I mean, one thing I’ve thought of is cross-posting sign-ups here on SRK. We could accept sign-ups here and ask that players register an account on JTM for the game thread. My concern with that is whether it would get flagged for spam. Another thing that could be done is we could possibly append a link to the site onto our EpicMafia profiles, so that when we play, our site gets advertised. I also keep loosely in touch with some of the mafia players in the Game of Champions. I may be able to get some to play a cross-site game on JTM.

There are ways, but we have to brainstorm. I believe this is the biggest detracting point to moving.

Who would take care of the technical aspects? This would end up being a slew of people. For starters, AlphaCommando is working on a potential logo for the site. ForgeDigger has already offered her help as she is knowledgeable in PHP, which will be the programming language the forums are written in. I have set up websites on pro hosts before, including forums, and ran admin work on many a forum, so that would be something I could help in, as well as the logistics for running the games. If we are able to make a vote count program, then that may have to be a collaborative effort, but there’s already Pimp Willy, pietastic, and ForgeDigger that have been able to write programs, so I’m sure that somewhere, we’d have that accounted for.

What forum software would we run potentially? I initially considered phpBB, but have been looking more into Simple Machines lately. It looks like it would be the best initially for our needs, and still extensible for whatever we need to add to it.

Now, feel free to ask questions, feel free to debate about this possibility. I welcome anyone that’s played mafia to have a voice in this matter, it will certainly help us figure out what’s best for Mafia here. Regardless of the choice, I’m happy that Mafia continues to live on here, and we’ll keep baking dat Jesus toast no matter what.

If you would like to vote Yay or Nay to moving, please do the best you can to announce your vote to me and I’ll keep a running tally on here. You can only vote on this if you have played at least one mafia game on SRK. This is why I didn’t make this a polled thread, too much potential for trolling. (You can change your votes.)


Yay (5): AlphaCommando, jasonC, Missing Person, RadicalFuzz, Vynce(?)
Nay (2): crucades, Pimp Willy
Undecided (6): Blindknagg, DukeC, ForgeDigger, Hecatom, XthAtGAm3RGuYX

SRK Mafia Leaderboard & Forum Game Queue

Up front, I think having our own dedicated website could be cool with all the fun stuff we could do/program into the game.

However, I am not a fan of things that take the game offsite, because then its no longer SRK Mafia. Theres plenty of mafia communities out there we could join. All the work we’d put into opening a new one, only to have the playerbase stagnate would be disheartening. So my personal vote is that things stay on SRK. That being said, if the site does get up and going, I plan to contribute and help on the programming side of things.


I’d go wherever everyone else goes. So put me down as indifferent, I guess.

If you guys do move, I’d be glad to help with the site.


I will say that we could start JTM as a trial of sorts, if things stagnate, we can always drift back to SRK in the future.

That’s another point to be considered. If we are not locked into a long contract with a host, then we do not have to keep it going for years as a non-starter. Any games that are run there that would get lost by a shutdown, we could merely archive and backup on Dropbox or another cloud.


I’m the same as Forge. Playing on EpicMafia just isn’t the same.


It would be really nice but there are still problems we don’t have answers to yet. Undecided for now, but if those problems get solutions then I’d prefer to move.


@RadicalFuzz, please feel free to name any foreseeable problems to the mix.

If we can discuss them, we can figure out if they can be solved or if we’re better off staying.


I’m fine with either option so set me as indifferent for now.


As long as I can use Fraziska sprites wherever we go, I’ll deal with it. I’m gonna run with this role a while longer. Feels good man.


Funding - Who’s going to pay for this? It’s only $4/month, sure, but are you going to just shell it out for everyone? If so, what happens if you don’t want to play Mafia and leave the site? If not, how do we determine who pays for it, should it be $4/X where X is the number of players on the site? That would discourage new players from joining if they had to pay a monthly fee. Should several people step up and pay every month? Why should they have to pay for everyone to enjoy Mafia?

Playerbase - When will it not be worth it to run Mafia games anymore? What if events conspire to where after a year most everybody has moved on from Mafia and you only have 6 players left? Do you keep paying the monthly fee in the hopes of recruiting enough players to actually play another game, do we just disperse to different Mafia sites?

Also, just for further clarity, I was kidding about you posting that bold was messing up forced me to correct you and inadvertently led to the edit. That was me not thinking, and it just as easily could’ve been quoting someone that I had forgotten about, or clarifying a point. It wasn’t a product of the forum software acting up.

There are some features that make migrating a very appealing choice. Being physically unable to break several rules, like PMing other players or editing, makes things simpler for everybody. A complete player list, with detailed statistics automatically fetched from the games and updated once games end, would be fantastic. But, as Pimp also brought up, it would be weird to be called SRK Mafia after specifically leaving SRK.


I am not sure about it, i feel that moving our games to another site could end hurting the games more than helping, if we have problems with people getting interested on playing now, requiring them to go to another site to play could be end seem as a hurdle to them.


We could also look at it this way. If they cant be bothered to spend 5 minutes making an account on a forum, they were never going to be very enthusiastic about the game in the first place. Nothing of value lost IMO


What are the profanity limits on the new site?

I’m sure AlphaCommando would like to know the rules on MS Paint penis drawings as well.


>Profanity limits
>people from SRK

Let me channel my inner AlphaCommando real quick


I am going to be very disappointed if we dont have free reign with language for the most part. That would drive me away for sure.


Pretty sure there are already websites available that run Mafia games exclusively


Dont have a say in this but id be pretty bummed if things go shifted off site.


Funding: That’s something that I have taken into consideration, and something that may be a problem too, I agree. If, say, we start the site in January, I would for sure be willing to front the $4 a month. If we each wanted to pool together some spare change every month to make the bill, that would be great too. I’ve also considered the possibility that the site may end up self-sustainable in the longer term, either by way of donations from players, using Adsense, or through donations via Twitch for our Skype mafia games. All three of these are big ifs, and something that if possible, we could not do now, and would have to be discussed later.

I would definitely not want anyone to feel excluded from playing because we start asking for dues or something to be on the site.

Playerbase: I kind of already touched on this one. I believe that if the site is not sustainable for mafia, then we can resettle on SRK and cancel the site’s hosting. Any games that were ran there could still be archived off site.

But as far as GAINING Players, we could always keep signups going on SRK as a way to make sure people still know we’re playing, and ask them to sign up to JTM for the game thread. On the flip side, this can make playing mafia a little more confusing, and I’m concerned that our sign-up threads would then be construed as spam. I would have to get clarification from Valaris or Duckie about that first.

We could also host cross-site games like between us and some of the sites that were in the GoC. If the GoC happens again, if we had all the necessary tools to make it run smoothly, we could opt to host it, and that would drum up some interest in the site.

These are all brainstorming ideas that I’ve had, there may be others, and these may not be viable.

The last point you touch on is hard to really say, as I know we wouldn’t really be called SRK Mafia at this point, but more JTM, a big switch, one that may not be comfortable for people to make. And that I totally agree with. Actually, on the emotional side, that’s the hardest.

Once concern is the jump could splinter the group with people still playing here and people moving over there. That is one thing I refuse to see happen, and if there was the solid chance that it would, I will drop this whole issue and keep things completely on SRK, warts in the software and all.


Let’s just say The Martian Manhunter’s OLD nickname would make a rousing comeback.

You actually do have a say in this, and I’ll note you down.

Well yes, but some are more heavily moderated and FAR MORE PC than SRK’s standards, lest anyone forget my encounter with dils in the GoC.

The main reason I propose our own site is to do our thing without anybody having aneurysm’s from how…cultured we are.


I’d finally be able to use the C word! Sign me up as a yes.