The FW Classic #2- Fort Worth TX- 4/19/08

Hello Game Fans, Sanji Himura is putting together another gaming production.


**Date:**April 19th, 2008

Venue: The Gaming Center located at 5519 S. Hulen St. Fort Worth, TX 76132 (Google Maps)

Fees: $7 door fees, plus the game’s entry fee listed below(little different I know). Observers will be charged a $2 commons fee that will be enforced regardless if you bought computer time from the venue.

Pre-registration is currently open. Just fill out the form at (click the bottom link)

Registration starts at 2PM and will last until 4PM.

Prizes will be the standard 70/20/10 split. If any game goes Round Robin, the split will be 80/20 instead.

The games:

Marvel vs Capcom 2
$3 entry fee. Tournament starts at 3:30 PM. There is also an 8 man cap for the tournament that will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis.

Super Smash Bros. Melee(or Brawl)
$5 entry fee. Tournament start time: 4PM.

Fatal Fury Special
$5 entry fee. Tournament start time: 4PM.

King of Fighters XI
Free entry with entry in a $5 event. Otherwise entry fee will be $5.


I normally wouldn’t need to ask this, however, I do have a need for this tournament. I need a save of MvC2 that has all of the characters unlocked. I will grant you free entry in a tournament of your choice(except KOF XI) and will waive most of the door fees if you allow me to copy the save on to my memory card. If I somehow manage to unlock the characters and you still bring the save, I will still give you the free entry.

The Rules:

General Rules

  1. Tournament formats will be determined at the tournament by the number of registrations for a particular game. Round Robin format will be used when there are less than 7 players in a tournament. Double Elimination format for 8-16 players, and finally the single elimination format for 20 or more.

  2. Prizes for each game will be distributed immediately following the tournament at hand.

  3. A match for all tournaments are best 2 out of 3 games(unless specified).

  4. I am all for casuals, but you must register BEFORE you play.

  5. Any grievous misconduct will result in you being removed from the premises without a refund and any prize money that is won surrendered. This includes, but not limited to, drinking, smoking(in building), gambling on matches(unless it is an officially sanctioned Money Match and only then it will be between the participants involved), and disrespecting and arguing with staff(for both The Classic and the venue).

  6. Hardware macros are strictly prohibited. You may only use the macros that are available in the in-screen configuration menu. 3x punch and 3x Kick options or any other similar options are not allowed.

  7. An accidental pause of the game may result in forfeiture of round at the judges digression.

  8. You must bring your own controller for any console that the game is played on. Converters may or may not be offered for any console that requires them(ie: PS2 to DC and PS2 to PS3. If you wish to play pad, you MUST use the console default, or an officially licensed controller(usb cables must be used on PS3 controllers). Even though Wii will be used for Smash, You MUST use Gamecube controllers.

  9. Wireless controllers are strictly forbidden. If you bring one, it will be seized by the tournament director and a corded controller will be provided in its place. Return of the controller will happen if you return the controller that was provided. Wavebirds are not exempt from this rule.

  10. There is zero tolerance for theft. If caught stealing, a police report will be filed with the proper authorities, and will be prosecuted to the maximum extent of the law.

  11. Double Blind selection may be called by the judge for any reason and any game may be replayed at the tournament directors digression, even if it was the last game in a match.

  12. Equipment failures are subject to a three person panel that will consist of the Tournament Director, the head judge, and one person deemed an expert in the game at hand, using EVO standards as a guideline. If the equipment failure was reported by a player, and the panel ruled against him, the match is forfeited. Judges can report equipment failures on behalf of the player. If the panel rules for the player, the equipment is ordered to be replaced with a padded controller and the match is ordered to be replayed with the same characters and settings. Regardless of what the panel rules, if the judge convenes the panel for the player, the match is ordered to be replayed with the same characters and settings.

  13. Rules violations must be reported the instant the violation is made(within reasonable standards). The Classic will use the yellow card system when issuing rule violation penalties(Yellow card will forfeit the match and a red card will disqualify you). If a player falsely(or ignorantly) reports a rule violation, then they will be issued a yellow card. You will have a clean slate for each tournament.

Game Specific Rules:

Super Smash Bros.
Game Settings: Singles VS Melee, 4 Stock, 6 minute timer, no items.

Stages that are allowed: Final Destination, Kirby’s Dreamland 64, Battlefield, Yoshi’s Story, Pokemon Stadium, Fountain of Dreams, Mute City, Green Greens, Rainbow Cruise, Kongo Jungle 64, Brinstar, Poke Floats, Corneria, Jungle Japes. More stages will be added to the list, so keep an eye out.

If there is a conflict in selecting a stage, the tournament director will select a stage. After that, the losing player will select a stage. No stage may be used twice in any given match.

Glitches used to stop your opponent from controlling their character or indefinitely freezing them (Mewtwo’s Soul Stunner, the Ice Climber freeze glitch), or any glitch or trick that freezes the game or makes it unable to be finished are banned and will result in the immediate forfeiture of the entire match.

Tactics such as Peach’s Wallbombing and Jiggly’s Rising Pound are allowed as methods of recovery or to maneuver around the stage. Using them (or any similar tactics) to excessively stall a match, such as dropping below levels intentionally and stalling underneath, is banned. If by using one of these tactics, you have put your character in a place to lose a stock by ending the tactic, a judge may force you to stop and lose a life and continue the match short a stock.

Ties will be determined by lives first, then percentage.

Marvel vs Capcom 2
Settings: Speed= Turbo 1, Damage= 2

A player may not use a glitch to prevent the game from being played. This includes glitches that freeze the game, resets the game, player freezing, etc. Using such tactics will result in disqualification.

Deadbody infinites are not allowed to delay the game.

Winning player may not change the starting character(the first character selected), but may change assists. Winner may not use the Switch Glitch to change the starting character.

All players may not use the same character twice on the same team.

Fatal Fury Special
Settings: Default

Ryo Sakazaki is not allowed in tournament play.

King of Fighters XI
Settings: Default

Console specific characters are allowed in tournament play, however boss characters and characters that challenge you mid-game are not allowed in tournament play.

Rules amendment A

My copy of Marvel has a sudden case of locking up when it wants to. If this occurs in a game, the game will be replayed as if the game were the first game in the match.

if there are +20 registrants for a tournament (which I highly doubt), there will be an uproar if it’s single elimination.

i understand it’s due to equipment and time issues, but if you can’t run it, don’t.

you’ll be lucky to have 10 people for even one tournament.

good luck (again).


the marvel rule is STUPID:

“Winning player may not change the starting character(the first character selected), but may change assists. Winner may not use the ?Switch Glitch? to change the starting character.”

DUDE, the winning player can’t SHIT, EVEN ASSISTS! A whole Marvel team is counted as a character; changing assists (in essence) changes the matchup.

it should say:

“winner must keep their character/team”


The mid-boss characters are far from broken.

For Marvel, just get an ISO and burn copies.


fail fail fail plz go to hell and dont come back kthnx

Screw you. I’m doing this for Fort Worth, not Dallas. If you want to come, come, but don’t put a negative spin on my tournament to my target audience just because I won’t play by Dallas’s fucking rules.

News flash, I’m not very good at obeying authority, and I’m doing this to better my own scene here in Fort Worth. I don’t need you or anyone else talking bad about my tournament just because I should run it according to Dallas.

Remember, you[Dallas] cut my legs from under me the last time Dallas people responded to my tournament thread.


erm, last time i checked, there aren’t any decent players in Ft. Worth besides a couple…

…unfortunately for you, they game with the Dallas peeps. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

It’s called DFW for a reason.:arazz:

You being a little bitch doesn’t really help your turnouts, does it? I told you to work on your P.R. skills before even attempting to hold tournaments. You should be making FRIENDS, NOT ENEMIES!

Last time I checked, I lived in Ft. Worth longer than you actually lived in existence. I KNOW the players; they all MOVED! LMAO.

It’s not a “you vs. them” mentality you should be following…you’re trying to get people to come to your tournament, and yet you say really retarded shit to turn people off.

No wonder everyone here in DFW laughs at you; I tried to help you out, and you didn’t really listen. You listened to that fucktard Dark Geese, so nobody is coming now. You’re guilty by association.

No P.R. skills = doomed tournament turnouts


I hope you enjoy your 3-man RR tournaments.

thats 2 people too many

doesnt seem even enjoyable at all… there isnt no way your gonna get anyone to participate i some random whack tourny like this…

lmao, dude you still dont get it. since the beginning you acted like a jackass.

I went to your first tourney and gave you a chance, so did everybody else. We even tried to hep you and give you pointers. Then you put in some wacky ass games and rules. Thats why no one shows up from here. That, and nobody gives a shit about your tourneys. You blew any chance of gaining credit with the scene. Even with the games you have now…too late.

And when the fuck does a city have rules about fighting games?

Man take your shit to gamefaqs or…except my thread since its top tier:wgrin:


lmao now jon’s in the thread.

this is turning golden. :smiley:

man theres this combo i wanna do but its hella hard to pull off.

You wanna hold a tourney for ‘your’ community, but then you just wanna disregard any helpful advice people give you? It sounds like this tourney is just for a small group of your friends that don’t even play fighters besides casually. And if that’s the case, why even bother posting this on SRK? You should expect that people that have tourney attendance records are going to come in here and post their opinions/suggestions/insults/etc.

These rules are more fit for a “anything goes” or a “side” tourney after the real tourneys are finished.

Damn, not even my first tourney I held in El Paso was this whack when I held it back a few years ago. I did it for OUR community, I openly listened to suggestions, and was really appreacitive of any help and feedback, instead of just blowing them off and giving them the middle finger in the process.

And if that’s the case, enjoy your fail.

j.roundhouse, d.roundhouse






Christian Bale
Holy Grail
Zale’s (the jewelry place)

I can’t begin to say what’s wrong with every bit of this. :shake:


ill say one thing, stop posting in third person, it makes you look like a douche. also, prove your worthy of hosting a solid tournament by involving yourself into the community first. otherwise, you’re nothing but a laughing stock. of this, im sure you can tell by now. oh, and the game lineup? lolz.

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