OK here it is…no takers besides DP yet, but I will take the biggest wager…

First to ten.

I pick first team and you mirror no matter what.

If I win you have the option of a “force switch” I pick a completely different team no character the same. You have four forced team switches.

If I lose I can pick a new team regardless.

Always mirror.

Any amount of money.

Any takers? Obviously you would have to have a lot of confidence…but you are playing G$$$ so EZ right?

Here is an example…

We mirror Sentinel Storm Iron Man and I win but you force switch.
Next is Cable Magneto Tron mirror match and I lost the match.
I can then retry Sent Storm Iron Man, you can again force a switch if I win.

EZ money right? Then put it up!!


ill take that bet


I thought you might :wink:

What about this Saturday at FFA?


aiite bet all day


Say JW with happen against finess?? I heard the sticks really suck is that true?


I heard tron really sucks…along with rogue and all of Atlantic South…


yea the sticks are really bad. anyone can vouch they suck but finesse is really good though.


Finesse? I like me:woot:


your right she do suck …how about a money match between me and u so can really show me how much she sucks…


Yeah finesse is good not taking nothing away from him but u two should run it back on console…


Sure, we can do this…


Lets see …4 out of 7 for $50??


We can do $50, $100, $200, $300 whatever it’s all on you champ. First to 7 though, I don’t play jankey sets.


thats cool first to 7 for $50 then…


Man, Mahvel players really are crazy… I mean, hundreds of dollars?


I’ll take that bet too G-$$$


patrick you too swoll


g monayy.

havent played you in hella long. I hope the stipulation doesnt require us to play on a lag t.v. like last time.

Your a god on lag tv’s haha.