The G1 Experience (PSN)


First of all let me admit that a big reason why I’m in G1 is a mix of half-way decent skill and time invested in the game. That being said, pretty much anyone can be in G1. How long you get there is pretty much a mix of the two formula’s I mentioned. :wgrin:


Today I finally got in a few rounds in a G1 tournament and just as I’d hoped the compeption is rough!!! :nunchuck: (and foreign :china:)

Seriously I was up late last night playing in free mode and before I went to bed I wanted to see if anyone else from G1 was available to fight yet. And man, I got more than I bargained for!!

sunny777 has a beast GEIF!! far from the lariatard’s i’ve encountered in the past and his throw inputs were scary unpredictable!! :wow:

onigiri-13 has very sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet honda. i didn’t know someone can butt slam that many times, that fast. lol…also not many honda’s i’ve fought know that whiffing the oicho throw builds meter and this guy took full advantage of that.

kazu03131’s sagat reminded me of the 3 times somuchdamage owned me in G2 :shake: and he took me out of the tournament

After the loss i couldn’t find anymore matches available. But it’s great to know that G1 will be living up to the hype :woot:

Unfortunately it seem’s I wont be seeing SG for a long, long time. :crybaby:


So, how much time did you waste…er, invest in getting to that level? Like, how many total hours have you played Championship Mode?

Congrats, by the way.


waste is a good word. seriously.

but its also an investment if you dont want to deal with scrubs and dcers anymore. (i guess the two go hand in hand) :tup:

it took me form the day the patch came out, uhm about week playing 5-8 hours on and off a day. :sweat:

since i been in g1 one though i havent been playing much. maybe like an hour a day now. for me it was fun grinding through the garbage in g2 :bgrin:

anyways…until more players get into g1…ill just be chillin :coffee:


What state do you live in? Sounds like those guys were Japanese? It’ll take me probably 2 more weeks to get to G1, but it would be pointless (for me) if the comp was all from Japan since I’m close to the east coast lol. Good shit though!


I got to G1 in about…25 hours?




I’m not motivated enough to try to get to G1. Every time I have a long session in Championship Mode and get a lot of GP I just lose them the day after because of the bug!. No point investing so much time to just go back to square one for me. I do enjoy playing G2s though, great variety of players but I still prefer player matches!


I live in California. Yea today I encountered another G1 guy from Japan he used Ken. mannnnnnnnn, these guys are crazy good.

It’s good to see them in the Top 20 though. It makes sense. When CE mode first came out the Top players were mostly Japanese. For awhile the Top 20 was taken over by USA. Now theyre makin a comeback in G1, with a few Korean players in there. :karate::nunchuck::china:

You dont have to rush it though. Im sure in a month the majority of g2’s decent players will migrate to g1 and itll all be good fights from there on out.

i saw that you movin up hella fast…nice :clapdos:


If you get bored with G1, go to EVO…


It’s not much of anything. Honestly anybody could grind their way into G1.

Who stays in G1 will require skill.


how many points u need to get there anyways?


The competition drastically increased when I hit G-2. I knew it was going to be a lot tougher but not like this lol.

Nothing like a fresh G-2 facing off against a 7000+ Vega lol


you need 15,000 blaze…but i thought you quit online play??


lol i did. cant a guy be curious? lol thats a shitload of points lol.


im glad its a shitload of points. itll keep the scrubs at bay for awhile. although kodakpic slipped in. i doubt he’ll get far though.

im sure SG will be pretty much all-pro.

sux thats some of the better players wont make it simply do to being just burnt out.


srry to burst ur bubble goz but online u wont find pros lol. unless u no them personally u wont find pros on champ bp matches.decent players yes but nothign over that.


Poongko isn’t “pro” enough for you?


Sooooooo many points X_X

3k to go…

Not gonna be worth grinding out for atleast a couple weeks, especially with all that different continent lag :\


i fought some pretty decent tournament fighters. i know theyre not daigo level but hey theyre way above average. imajinn, namco827, shin-akuma204, tiamatvarga, somuchdamage…so the online play isnt without its rare treats.

anyways if anyone from g1 psn is reading this a few of us have organized a psn chatroom for g1 players. it will be open 24/7. msg me to get invited.