The Galaga Thread

Post scores/impressions here.

Top score overall right now is 650,000+. My personal best is a measly 124,000.

Galaga is still fucking serious business.

hey, are you chemistrens brother?


Having 82 at the end of our gamertags only makes us distant cousins.

because, i remember some one related to chemistren with the same numbers about 3 years ago that used to play cvs2.

I haven’t played this game in months, but so help me I am unlocking every damned achievement.

Galaga owns. I’ve got 130,000 odd points at the moment, I’m sure I could do better but I keep losing concentration during the ‘early’ stages and losing a life :confused:

I’m at 163000 but I haven’t gotten time to really play it due to my backlog. The trick is to get double ships as fast as you can (though after level 10 once you lose it, stay singluar), and to let the reds be when they enter the stage so that when they come down as waves, the big enemies are 1600 points instead of a measly 150/400 points.

EDITED - I played last night, was at 160000 and had two men, lost them very quickly and only beat my best score by a thousand. At least I know now that I can, for sure, improve my score.