The Game of Thrones OFFICIAL thread


Gonna watch the first episode when i finish work :tup:

  • synopsis:

'Seven noble families fight for control of the mythical land of Westeros. Political and sexual intrigue abound.

The primary families are the Stark, Lannister, and Baratheon families. Robert Baratheon, King of Westeros, asks his old friend Eddard Stark to serve as his chief advisor. Eddard, suspecting that his predecessor had been murdered, accepts so that he can investigate further. It turns out more than one family is plotting to take the throne.

The Queen’s family, the Lannisters, may be hatching a plot to take control. Across the sea, the last surviving members of the previously deposed ruling family, the Targaryens, are also plotting a return to power.

The conflict between these families and others, including the Greyjoys, the Tullys, the Arryns, and the Tyrells, leads to war. Meanwhile, in the north, an ancient evil awakens. Amidst war and the political confusion, a brotherhood of misfits, The Night’s Watch, is all that stands between the realms of men and the horrors beyond. ’

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The books are awesome and I’ve heard nothing but praise for the TV show. I’ll check it out tomorrow.



the first three books are great, Feast was garbage, and he’s taken so long to finish Dance with Dragons that there’s no way in hell the books will be finished before the HBO series catches up

It’s taken him five years to write the most recent one and it STILL isn’t finished. Keep in mind that when he released Feast, it was only HALF a book, missing half of the cast. He promised the next half was 90 percent complete and would be released next year.
This was 2005; notice we’re rocking into 2011 and still no Dance



Yeah mark me down as another Martin fan losing his patience :rofl:

Looking forward to watching this though. I love Sean Bean and Ned was my favorite character. Also looking forward to seeing how Dany looks in a TV show.



Well his fifth book finally has an official release date, but considering how long it’s taken him to finish it the author may well die before this series is complete.



First 14 mins of the show: Game of Thrones: Watch the First 14 Minutes - TV Preview at IGN



Having been reading this and dealing with Martin’s inability to keep to release dates since he promised the second book, I just can’t be upset anymore. I am willing to wait for the next book as long as Martin doesn’t somehow devolve to the level of the rest of the fantasy genre (like jordan or god forbid salvatore), which is pretty much 2nd grade twilight level.

The tv series looks good thus far. I have been purposefully avoiding reading anything about the production, so I am eager to see how things are handled further on. I am eager to see how the choreography is done.



I ended up watching Camelot instead of this, once im done w/ the series Camelot, i check this out…Looks good! Finally some TV shows worth watching, its been a drought lately…



Wow just saw episode 1 and I was impressed. Epic show.



Watching the first ep. right now actually heh.



Dance is coming out July, has a concrete release date and everything.

Because of the way Martin writes (every chapter is basically a short story), he can have content for later books done even when he hasn’t entirely finished the one he is working on. I don’t care how long it takes him, since I do have other stuff I can do in between. As long as he finishes before he dies.



hahah, stop you’re killing me

but seriously yeah it’ll probably come out in July, and it’s going to have to be balls to the wall fucking awesome to make up for the crap that was Feast, especially since it’s been like 10 years since we had a good fucking Ice and Fire book (Swords)



Oh yeah, you guys did say this was based off a book right? Are those any good?



Book series. Each season of the show will cover one of them. Four books so far, next in July out of a projected 7. Wait between them is like 3 to 5 years.

Probably the most popular fantasy series that isn’t for kids/teens. Good enough that it lands in most people’s “top five” lists.



winter is coming bro! i’m a little skeptical seeing as how the book has been delayed so long so i’ll believe it when I see it. but i heard that the book is actually complete and is just going through finishing touches i’m looking forward to it. feast had mostly shitty characters that i didn’t care about. it was still entertaining though, especially when cersei gets pwned at the end. but dances with dragons will have all the good characters with the good story arcs! hells yeah! i’m stoked.

If you want a raw book about characters surviving in an unforgiving medieval world in the midst of political upheaval and war, written by an author who isn’t afraid to kill off main characters in ways that will emotionally upset you, then hell fuck yes.

although… feast for crows just wasn’t that good (book 4)



i just finished The Wise Man’s Fear. now there was a book that was worth waiting for.



Cmon Dances with Dragons with have Dany, Tyrion, AND Jon Snow. The book practically writes itself. No way he can fuck that up. Just no way.



for folks that haven’t read the books


And more Arya. AND Bran, I forgot about that little nig.

The July 12 date is set in stone. Book is done, at this point it would be final editing and printing and all that other bullshit that comes pre-release.

Wise Man’s Fear… I don’t really see how it can be tied up in one more book. He spent a of time at school, and the book itself was kinda bloated. It is sad to me when a series gets popular and editors become afraid of cutting shit down.

Gave up on Malazan books after 7, and I’m still waiting for the next Locke Lamora book (which looks like it was pushed back to 2013 :frowning: )

Suprisingly good series was the night angel trilogy by brent weeks. He finished the series before he got his publishing deal, so his books were released like 2 months apart instead of being delayed for years. Really enjoyed those. He also started a new series, of at which at least the first book was good.

I love fantasy and have tried basically all the fat series, except stuff written by the women. I need to start a fantasy book thread. :frowning:



why on earth would you give up on the malazan books o.O



Ugh, I’m like 4/5ths into the 2nd book, stopped reading it about 4 years ago because I had to devote 100% of my time into school. Now I’m regretting not finishing it because I’m thumbing through the book and forgot almost everything. Arg.