The Games Inside the Game AKA Mini Games Thread

Yep, this game like every other on the Wii has to have some WiiMote action and fortunately we get this via the Mini Games. Every character has a Mini Game. Most of them button mashers or waving the WiiMote like a nutcase. So I’ll run a brief synopsis of each one just so you get a peek at what your in for before you play.

Ultimate All-Shooters for UAS Information

Before you can play Ultimate All-Shooters you have to unlock it first. The Mini-Game with Doronjo or Roll during the credits are the key for doing just that. Spell out “THANK YOU FOR PLAYING” in order to do so. Doesn’t matter who you do it with but once you do it the game will let you know.

Know that Ultimate All-Shooters is just a souped up version of PTX-40A’s game from CGoH. It plays the same but it adds Ryu, Ken the Eagle and Tekkaman Blade as playable characters. Each of the 4 characters add some diversity to the game and you kinda have to play it if you wanna 100% the game. Below will be a guide to help you access all the “blocks” so you can claim the player icons that come with beating it.

Stage A Goals
Under 1100 points: to B
1100+ points: to C

Stage B Goals
Under 3 container items collected: to D
3+ container items collected: to E

Stage C Goals
Under 3 container items collected: to E
3+ container items collected: to F

Stage D Goals
Under 100 kills: G
100+ kills: H

Stage E Goals
Under 100 kills: H
100+ kills: I

Stage F Goals
Under 20 kills: I
20+ kills: J

I think you can handle it from here.

Cross Generation of Heroes Mini Game Information.

Here are the vids of each mini game in action by yours truly.



You start with a couple of them unlocked but the rest have to be unlocked then bought in order to play said Mini Game.

You unlock Mini Games in the shop by beating the game for the first time with a character. Whatever 2 Members or Mango Lightan/Ivan defeat Yami that/those characters Mini Games are unlocked in the shop for purchase.

Earning P to Spend

The easiest way to earn points to to play MegaMan’s mini game. You pretty much count Servbots/Kobuns. And the killer is you can get 300 P Max and if you just play it you get 150 for just trying. The best part the points you earn in the Mini Game are payed out by exactly how much points you score. The catch is as soon as the Mini Game is over you retry and collect dem monies. Repeat until rich.

  1. Get Mega Man mini game
  2. Play it
  3. ???

Subject to change if a more profitable way is found out. Until then, GET MONEY!!!

DAT SUBJECT CHANGE: If you know basic math skills then Hakushon Daima?'s game is that money maker. Just answer about 15 questions and get paper!!

Stage Data and 3P Costumes

By playing a Mini Game starring a Tatsunoko Character unlocks Stage Data for you to purchase in the shop.

By playing a Mini Game starring a Capcom Character unlocks a 3P Costume for purchase in the shop.

Just a little note if you don’t already know. You can only access the Mini Games with nothing in the GC ports and nothing attached to the WiiMote.

Type of Game & How you Play
Scoring Procedure

Team Tatsunoko

Eagle Ken
It’s Virtua Cop, with Eagle Ken.
Kill the bad guys, don’t kill Chunners or Yatterman.
More enemies you merc, more points you score.

Track & Field’s 100 Yard Dash with Friender
Mash the A Button to get Friender to the finish first.
Faster Friender crosses the finish line, the more points scored.

Track & Field’s Javelin throw with Tekkaman
Wave the WiiMote to build up power and when in the Red Zone press B.
Kill dem bitches with the power of the SPACE LANCE and score points.

Hurricane Polymar
Use the Polymar Drill to break through rocks as fast as you can.
Move the WiiMote in a circle to gain speed and drill through the rocks in your path.
The farther you get in the course the more you score.

Yatterman-1 AKA Gan-chan
Yatterwan speeds down a course and you stop him with the A Button.
The closer you get to the Danger Zone with out landing on it the more points you score.

Doronjo, Boyacky, & Tonzra
You ride a course with coins everywhere. Watch out for potholes or you’ll lose a life. Lose 3 and it’s a wrap.
More coins you collect the more points you score.

Just some target practice with Ippatsuman. Line up your shot with A, And flick the WiiMote forward at the height you want to hit the targets.
Points are scored based on the target’s point value.

Jun the Swan
A throwback to a classic, Pilotwings.
Guide Jun into the targets to score points.
Scoring based on the target’s point value.

Hakushon Daima?
Donkey Kong Jr. Math sans DK JR.
If you know basic math you should be fine. If not then…
Scoring based on the difficulty of the question.
Note: Pausing the game does wonders here when you are unsure what to do.

Karas is on a killing spree. Rack up the kills.
Just wave the WiiMote in all directions to kill em up.
Scoring based on the point value of what you kill.

Mango Lightan
Lightan needs to be shiny, so clean him.
Just wave the WiiMote as fast as you can to clean him up.
Points are scored based on how fast you get the job done.

Team Capcom

You wave the WiiMote to throw Normal and Shakunetsu Hadokens
The Meter in the Corner is a measurement of how strong the attack will be.
Scoring is determined on how powerful the Hadoken that destroys the object.

Chun Li
Press the 1, 2, A, and B Buttons as fast as you can to carve sculptures
Scoring is determined on how fast you mash buttons. MO Sculptures = MO POINTS

This is a game of Simon. The D-Pad and 1 + 2 buttons are used here.
Scoring is determined by how quick you press the buttons in correct sequence. 3 Misses and it’s over

The classic Shot Put but with a car.
Hold B to grip the car, Move the WiiMote in a Circle to build power. Release the B button in the Red part of the circle to release the car and score points.
The farther you throw the more you score.

Morrigan has Casshern in the Sexual Embrace, slam him as hard as possible into the ground.
The game starts with a bar at the bottom. Bats will come across the bar and you press the A Button at the right time to build up power. After that, in order to maximize the damage done and the points scored, press the A Button at the moment of impact.

Onimusha Batting Practice
Swing the remote to kill your enemies. 3 Misses and Game Over.
The more enemies you kill in succession the higher you score.

Rock Volnutt
How many Servbots are in the box?
Just watch your box and keep count.
You score 100 for the exact number and 50 for being one off.

PTX-40A AKA Ivan
It’s a throwback to a Vertical Scrolling Shooter.
Hold the WiiMote NES Style, 1= Normal Weapon, 2= Alternate Weapon.
Collect Weapons, Powerups, and T-Energy to keep yourself alive and destroy enemies to score. 1 Life, 1 Lifebar.

Roll has a mess to clean on the Gesselshaft.
Move Roll from Left to Right and avoid the obstacles.
You score by staying on course and cleaning up dirt. Smaller dirt spots are worth more points.

Saki Omokane
The classic blow up some Space Rocks game.
Aim the WiiMote and blow up the rocks. Don’t forget to move the WiiMote off-screen to build up your power gauge back up.
The closer the rocks when blown up the more points are scored. Watch out for Tekkaman’s Space Steed, you’ll lose points for hitting it.

Viewtiful Joe
Take pictures of Joe being Viewtiful.
You score points based on the quality of the picture.

Shouts to onReload for the assist. Good lookin.
And The Hindu for risking himself for the advancement of gaining P in TvC.

At increasingly faster speeds, the prompt at the top of the screen will print out up to six inputs (Up, Left, Right, Down, 1, and 2) for the Wii-Mote. The faster you input them, the more points you get. The Wii-Mote is held horizontally.

Press and hold B to pick up the car, then whirl the controller around like a tornado until you have enough speed, and let go of B while the cursor is in the red. Alex will then throw the car a distance in yards. Be careful not to run out of time.

As Morrigan clutches Casshern (if memory serves), you press A for the Bat Icons as they move over the line to the left. Each bat is scored as Fantastic, Great, or Good, and the better you do, the higher Morrigan will lift up her…victim. As she’s about you land, you’re supposed to press some button but I haven’t figured that damn part out.

In a baseball-like minigame, you press A as fireballs are coming closer to Souki. The closer they are as you hit them, the better the rating is (and more points gained). However, you can only get hit 3 times before losing.

Rock Volnutt
Each player has his/her own box, with servbots that come and go, and the player’s duty is to keep track of how many servbots stay in his/her own box. At the end of the round, the game will ask you how many remain in the player’s box, and if correct, 100 points are awarded - 1 away will give 50 points.

In a “Shmup” style, this is probably the most developed game here. You can fire the mechs regular weapon by holding 1, and then strafe, or cease fire to turn the vehicle. Button 2 fires the alternate weapon. There are different enemies, three types of extra weapons, health-ups, and obstacles along the way before each boss.

From an overhead view, Roll heads forward (up) towards the end of a long hallway, with boxes, servbots, and mud on the floor. Her job is to avoid the boxes and servbots, and clean up the mud. Oddly enough, the smaller puddles give more points than the larger ones: 300 to be exact. Points are also gained simply for moving forward without stopping (getting hit). Roll can get hit 3 times before the game is over.

Starfox-like shooting game with asteroids and mechs flying towards the players, the object is to shoot as many asteroids (and not mechs) to gain points. If the energy bar empties, the player can hold fire off screen to recharge.

Viewtiful Joe
Joe and Joe riding a pink car will fly by a street in Washinkyo City; there’s a reticle in the center of the street. Your job is to press A exactly as Joe or his ride are in the exact center; the better the photograph, the better the points. You only get 3 shots, and beware that Joe is usually an asshole and will dodge getting in the snapshots.

Hope you don’t mind me finishing that up there. I really don’t get what to do for the second part of Morrigan’s game, though.

No problem. I’ll edit it down, drop in the OP and credit you accordingly.

edit: just saw you did the rest of tatsunoko

Because you cant have a wii game without mini games apparently
(EDIT: unless its a remake. Wouldn’t want to put any exra effort into those now would we?)

Bump for completion.

So can you only unlock a character’s mini-game by beating the game with them?

I have yet to beat the game with Gold Lightan or PTX and they are both in my mini-game selection screen.

Can someone confirm that you have to play the mini-games to unlock their alternate colors?!

From what I understand, you have to play the mini-games 1st and then they become available in the shop to buy? I’m completely lost on this one. Damn this game!

Yep, that’s correct. And the same for TAHSUU characters except you unlock stage data. I’ll add that info to the OP.

^Thank you sir! :tup: Much appreciated.

Should you enter/exit Hakushon Daima?'s game similar to Mega Man’s?

Nope, I’ve since found out that points stack for all Mini Games so no need to exit any game. Just keep retrying as much as you want and PROFIT!!!


Also I tried out Gold Lightan’s mini game today and getting first place nets you 400 points. It’s quicker than Mega Man’s mini-game but the problem is that it takes more work.

why cant i access the mini game Mode?
i beat the game with Ryu and Chunli ,Batsu and Jun. but every time i press B it sends me back to the main menu. =(
and the Wiimote doesnt work if i press a button.

Unplug everything

O_O your right!
i unpluged the GC controler and there are the mini games.
Thanks mate. n_n

Bumped up because I added vids of the Mini Games in action for those that are curious.

Can this count for Ultimate All-Shooters?

I actually have a question. I originally used a .gct code to have all of my characters/colors unlocked for TvC: UAS. However it did not unlock everything else that it said it would, along with missing 12 colors. =P

Ok, so on to my question. I’ve beaten the game more than 12 times, the first 12 to get the last colors, and the others to spell out “Thank You For Playing” during the end credits. My friends and I have successfully spelled out “Thank You For Playing” at least three times, and have still not unlocked All-Shooters. Why is that? We got all the yellow letters with Roll, for easiness’ sake, and I beat the game with all the normal settings. All I want is the Ultimate All-Shooters mini-game. D=

Help, please?

Haha I envy you. I can’t even get all the letters. Anyone have any tips on that? I can’t believe I’m asking for help on this XD

I don’t think you can unlock it in Roll’s version. At least, that didn’t unlock it for me, when Doronjo’s version did (although it’s quite a bit harder).