The Games

Game 1 announced!

Yay 3rd Strike!

I, for one, am shocked. :lol:

How unexpected.

But can we get these on a daily basis? It’s not like there’s much surprise to be had in ‘OMG TS and DAT MARVEL @ Evo!’.


once dates are announced i can book my trip!

:amazed: what’s next?! mvc2?!?!?!?!


I’m really hoping I’ll be able to go this year.:woot:

I still can’t believe last year’s lineup.

If you want to add in bulletball at least take out GG or VF but not mahvel!!!

“For the first time, EVO will be held on the strip! Thats right, let all hell break loose, Evo players take over the Tropicana on the 8-10th of August. Book your plane tickets now!”

Or did you mean the specific games dates?

so those dates are solid right? i dun wanna take back or refund anything

I’m shocked, no love fer 2nd Impact…:amazed:

LOL! There should be a 5v5 WC vs EC Bulletball special event this year. GET HYPE!

Here’s hoping that CvS2 would be announced first.

I don’t think the Tropicana could handle a high-caliber table game.

This doesn’t surprise me. I really wanna go this year

game 2!

I am suprised.

WII TENNIS?!! God dammit!

Man…after the abysmal turnout for 3S last year I’m surprised it got another shot. Thx Wizard for listening to all the fans in that huge thread PRAYING for 3S to come back. We’ve got another year it looks like.